Very lucky NM website booboo...anyone else?

  1. :yahoo: Last week, I bought a new Marc Jacobs "Melinda" hobo, offered on both the NM and BG websites at $795. It seemed too good to be true when I got the bag, because it was gorgeous and quite large. This week, one of the TPF MJ posters tried to purchase the same bag and it is now showing on both websites at $1095!!!! I can't believe I got it at $300 less than retail. Has this ever happened to anyone else and is there anyway NM can stick me for the difference, since the transaction and delivery is already a done deal?
  2. Congratulations! I do not believe they can try to raise the price after the sale to you. There have been fortunate people who have scored airline tickets for ridiculously low amounts because of online errors, too, and I know that if they have already purchased them at that amount they cannot be charged more because of the company's error.
  3. No way they can try and charge you difference. I am sure they still made a very nice profit on it.
  4. no, they would not attampt to charge you the difference.
  5. Nope! You're good to go!