Very lovely gift from very lovely boyfriend

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  1. Arrived in Bristol last week to a gift from my *now* live-in boyfriend - a 'housewarming' gift - a Karen Millen bag! Now, I've never really given Karen Millen bags a second look, but after this experience I'm coveting them terribly. Beautifully made, extreeeeemely reasonably priced (around the 160 pound mark) and never faked.

    Anyway, had to brag to some people who'd understand how excited I was about this out-of-nowhere gift!

    Hooray for understanding boyfriends (who is currently sitting next to me enabling an LV purchase in a few weekends) :heart: :yahoo:
    IMG_2270[1].jpg IMG_2271[1].jpg IMG_2272[1].jpg IMG_2273[1].jpg IMG_2274[1].jpg
  2. lovely- congratulations! Give your bf a hug! ;)
  3. Wow.. I've never paid much attention to them either, but after seeing that bag I might check out the store downtown later. :smile:
  4. That's lovely! I have a bf who's incredibly sweet in gift giving too, so I know how amazing it feels! :biggrin:
  5. what a sweet boyfriend-it's a nice bag!
  6. Gorgeous--I have to check out this designer. Where are these sold?
  7. Awwww, what a wonderful bf you have! Mine doesn't understand my purse obsession whatsoever and a bag would probably be the last thing on earth he'd buy me! Congrats on your bag!!
  8. What a lovely BF to get you such a lovely purse :yes:
  9. That purse is TDF! Your BF rocks! You better hang on to him!
  10. What a nice bf you got! I wish mine would do something like that too sometimes..:sweatdrop: It's a really nice purse he got you!
  11. What a thoughtful boyfriend & wonderful bag!
  12. Not only is he nice but he has great taste too. Congrats on having a wonderful boyfriend.
  13. Such a nice boyfriend you have :smile:!! I was actually looking at this same exact bag on my holiday in London (I think it was sold at House of Fraser) I love the look of the bag and the fabric inside is cute and silky. And the size of it was perfect. Allthough I didn't end up buying it, I went for a Ted Baker, but it was a close call :yes:
  14. Nice bag congrats!!!

    Enjoy it (and your fabulous bf!!)