very long strap messenger H mini bags

  1. I have one mini vespa (one with the toggle) with a very long strap. Wondering if there is a mini Evelyne with a long strap (besides the white one)
    These bags are great for Xmas shopping as they do not weigh you down and are very safe, as this is a great time of the year for purse snatchings.
    Used my mini vespa for shopping past weekend and loved it. I felt free as a bird without a heavy bag.
    Think I'll call my SA today and inquire.
    Any fans/owners of these bags?
  2. Yes, there are Evelyne TPMs with long straps that are great to wear as a messenger. They are really very small but cute. They only come in Epsom, I believe?

    I had one for a while but it was too small for me. I tend to carry quite a bit with me, and I realized that wearing a bag messenger style is not a good look at all on me (chest is too big)! As for size, you could maybe fit a tiny wallet, a cell phone and a couple of other small items but definitely no more than that. It's actually a great item for what you are describing, though, especially if you like to wear a messenger style bag.
  3. Yes, I have an Evelyn TPM in chocolate brown with the long leather strap. Love it for exactly the same reasons as you Golconda.
  4. I few years back I had an Evelyne TPM in rouge H box leather. Very functional little bag!
  5. The strap on my mini vespa is 43 inches long, perfect for a small messenger bag.
    Wondering if the TPM Evelyne is the same length.
  6. I just measured mine and it is 43 inches long
  7. ^ Thanks much.
    I am now in the market for one in a neutral color. My vespa is turquoise suede, limited use.
  8. Altough I like my bags big, once in a while I take my vespa for a nice spin and feel like a Japanese tourist :cutesy: and free as a bird. Love it :tup: (it fits a medium wallet, pack of cigarettes and a cell phone+keys)