Very long but thin, clumping eyelashes...which mascara??

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  1. I have a dilemma...aside from my nails not growing lol...i'm trying the find a good mascara...but where to even begin???!! mascara is rather expensive, so I can't just go buy 20 different ones to try, kwim?? So i'm looking to you lovely makeup experts

    So I already have long long they get stuck in my eyes and they reach almost past my eyebrows when they are optometrist told me they are the longest he's ever seen! so I love them in that respect!

    I use a heated eyelash curler to curl my eyelashes for length...BUT they are rather thin so they often clump together when I put mascara on them...I do put my mascara on before I curl them...i have tried using an eyelash comb but once the mascara dries it just makes it worse

    i'm looking for a mascara that is good for long eyelashes but won't clump...i guess a thickening complex??? but then again I don't want it to thicken my eyelashes so much they look shorter

    Does anyone have the same type lashes that I have and can help? Or jsut someone with good advice and suggestions?

    My favorite makeup brands are MAC and estee lauder...but of course they don't have to be one of these

    hope this is not a repeat thread...i have a very specific questions that when I did a search I couldn't find an answer too
  2. i have very thin lashes also and i love covergirl's never clumps on me and it lengthens and thickens...u must try this!
  3. ^^^I can try is affordable!
  4. I have the exact same lashes as you! I use Diorshow Blackout, but curl my lashes BEFORE i put mascara on. (i don't have a fancy heated curler so i just heat my normal one with a blow dryer for a few seconds) Don't do it the other way around! You might pull out your lashes. Diorshow Blackout might be a little more expensive than you are looking for ($22 i think?), but it works really well imo.
  5. ^^ interesting...i do the curling first because if I put on the mascara just weighs down the lashes...I've never had my eyelashes fall out though...22 is moderate...i can try a couple of those in that price range
  6. I have really thin lashes that are prone to clumping too. I really liked DiorShow blackout but maybe because of the shape of my eyes, it smeared A LOT. Now I use Chanel Inimitable, which is expensive, but worth it IMO. It separates nicely and looks natural.
  7. Oh if you want Volume and something that isn't too expensive, you should try out Maybelline's colossal volume express. (the one in the fatty yellow tube) I've been using if for about a month now and haven't had any problem with clumping. Plus if you get it from Rite aid, you can return if it doesn't work out for you. Good luck too!
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    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    I second Chanel's Inimitable [$28]. I love it! Their new mascara [$28] is brilliant, too.

    However, prior to switching to Chanel I used Diorshow [$22] (the normal one, not Blackout), which I also loved. It gets second place. I have used Diorshow Blackout [$22] before, and didn't care too much for the formula. The super-dark color was very nice, though.

    Also, check out Lancome's Virtuose Black Carat mascara [$24.50], as well as Hypnose [$24.50]. Both of those are good.

    I haven't had any luck with drugstore-level mascara... they are just too flat/thin/clumpy for me. I also have super long lashes, and I just don't feel like these added anything to them.

    But, definitely try curling your eyelashes before applying mascara. It is much better for them, and I've noticed that curling your lashes afterwards makes the mascara more clumpy. This may be one source of your problem.
  9. You may want to give Chanel's new Exceptionnel de Chanel mascara a try. It adds quite a bit of thickness and curl to lashes, but doesn't add a huge amount of length (which I like since I have long lashes and think they look funny with some mascara since it makes them too long).
  10. I recently tried lancome's Hypnose, so far its ok
  11. I love Spinlash! The spinning motion keeps my lashes completely clump-free. (I've always had a problem with that.) It grabs every little teensy lash; it's one of my favorite products.

    It comes with mascara, but you can dip it into any brand if you prefer. I use it as a tool with other mascaras, so I'd recommend taking one of these other suggestions and if you find yourself with clumps, give Spinlash a try. It's only $14.
  12. ^^^hmmm...interesting...thanks for the suggestion...I may try this...i love electronic beauty tools...I have a heated eyelash spinning mascara lol...what will they come out with next
  13. i have both of these mascara and i love BOTH
    Lash Blast & Colossal Mascara

  14. What company is your heated eyelash curler? Would you recommend it? I had one by Blinc but it died recently and I'd rather try a new one then replace it.

    You really should try Spinlash. It's so nice not to ruin all my eyeshadow blending with clumpy lashes. :smile:
  15. At the moment I am using Maybelline Colossal mascara and it works wonders on my short lashes.

    To me my greatest concern is clumping -- I absolutely resent brands of mascara that start clumping after just 1-2 mths use. I only buy brands that can last MINIMUM 5-6 mths in tube without any clumping and so far only 2 brands have been satisfying me for decades -- Maybelline and Lancome.