Very little outlet/ebay goodies today

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  1. My outlet had nada today, so I did a little "dumpster diving", as I call digging through the 50% off clearance box. Found these two little teal items, both for around $34. Then my very expensive (to me anyway!) ebay win - Poppy fobs. These things are HUGE!! I am very pleased with them. I think Im set for a while now until the outlet gets a whole new shipment of stuff lol

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  2. I need one of those mirrors, i see them on here, and bonz and such, they are cute
  3. so cute!!!
  4. Very cute, congrsts!
  5. Super cute mirror and fobs! I didn't know they sold poppy fobs, wow!
  6. Love the little teal items!!
  7. Sweet...
  8. People on ebay sell eveything! Each fob was still individually wrapped and everything. Dont know where they get them from, but Im happy to have them!
  9. Definitely, they are too cute. It was under $14.
  10. Those are cute!
  11. i purchased the teal multipurpose pouch yesterday!!!! My digital water camera, now has a coach home!
  12. We are mirror bought the same one tonight at our outlet!! :smile: And funny I got the same set of poppy fobs in the mail yesterday!! :smile:
  13. Cute items, Love the teal patent! Enjoy!
  14. cute stuff!! i love the poppy fobs!
    i can't wait to get to my outlet :biggrin:
  15. congrats!!!