Very late reveal! x 2!

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  1. Hello all,

    I suddenly thought I hadn't revealed my two newest purchases!

    So without further delay:-
    Lily in taupe with silver hardware and;
    Tree French purse in regal blue

    I had wanted to use the Lily more but I find I'm a bit scared of her getting ruined the purse gets chucked in my every day bag and I'm really pleased with the wear so far.


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  2. Very nice :smile:. I love a lily, use her don't keep her tucked up. If the hardwear gets scratched you can always have the plates replaced much further down the line. She's a great bag. Handy sized wallet too. Enjoy them
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  3. Great purchases. Your Lily is a lovely colour - you should definitely use and enjoy her
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  4. Can't go wrong with a Lily, and it's nice to have a neutral colour that isn't black. Regal blue seems to be a very pretty colour too! Enjoy!
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  5. Beautiful bag how do you find the taupe colour, is it easy to keep? I would love a Lily myself but not sure about the size. Do you use her everyday?
  6. Gorgeous purchases! I love the Lily, I find her so versatile and so elegant at the same time. The colour looks really lovely. Enjoy!
  7. Hi,

    I’m glad I got the taupe, the colour in the picture is true maybe a tad lighter.

    I find it goes with most outfits and colours, blues pink, black, grey.

    I don’t use her everyday as it’s not really a work bag, I use a longchamp neo for work but I’m also having my old mulberry poppy fixed up!