Very interesting

  1. Has anyone heard/read this news?

    Hermes has made the Pony Skin and the official name is Troika.
    to be made in Bolide's, Plum. HAC's, Kellys and very few Birkins.It is not actual pony skin, but the underside of the cow the other side of regular leather, treated to be very soft.

  2. yes, some stores have them already. i saw one a few weeks ago at my local store. i think at least one member was going to buy one.
  3. What was your take on it? I am not sure about that patch of what is it? on the front:confused1:
  4. i am not a fan of pony hair. can't be refurbished as far as i know. mainly i know about it re: manolos/ shoes. it's very rich looking irl but again, not practical for me.
  5. i like it on the kelly.
  6. An SA at my store told me it was yak? It's actually been available for the past two podiums. It's lovely in the Trim, blonde on black.
  7. Thank you, amam*xr for posting that picture! It should go to the reference section for "longevity" keeping. Thanks for sharing.
  8. My SA told me it was blonde on ebene and it really got me salivating but if it's black I'm not so sure, hmm....

    That said I've really liked the few pieces I've seen IRL and think they would be perfect for the Icelandic winter. Or so I'm pretending so please nobody correct me and tell me it can't handle snow, lol
  9. So it is a very soft and thick suede?
  10. it could be store ordered black.
  11. no, it's an actual hair hide.
  12. ehhh, not for me, looks like it is growing, and not in a good way.
  13. Thanks GF, now I'm back to drooling :rolleyes:
  14. LOL! I know, with ebene it would be lovely. I actually really liked the Trim in theis combo. We've also had an all-black HAC in store, as well. It didn't look as "furry" as the Birkins in that pic.