Very interesting! Half Moon WOC different leathers and CC's! Photos of course :)

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  1. Make a long story short, I was at Neimans and my SA just got another brand new Half Moon in black (girls it's so not sold out lol) and I was looking at it even though I just bought one two weeks ago. I haven't worn mine yet though. Anyway I noticed it looked and felt very different from the one I had at home. I decided to purchase it and compare the two to see which I felt was nicer.

    I cannot believe the difference between the two bags and I thought I'd share so you all can know when purchasing this adorable little purse.

    Okay to make it clear:

    First Half Moon I bought which you saw I posted pictures of in another thread has the number 13048xxx.
    The soft caviar is extremely thick and I mean thick!!! LOL comparing now to another of these I didn't realize how thick. It's also very grainy and you can see the pebble like texture to the caviar. The CC on this one is also a lot more bubbly and wider. Not as tall.

    Photos ~ [​IMG]



    2nd Half Moon I bought today has the number 13246xxx (this one was made a little after the first).
    The soft caviar is a lot thinner than the other bag. When you feel both bags, the difference is pretty major. This lies flat and the other lies a tad poofier because of the leather thickness. When you feel this one it's smooth, no grains. You can see some pebbles on it but nothing like the first one and you really can't feel the grainy texture whatsoever. Because of that, this purse may be a tad darker than the original. As we all know the grainier a black caviar Chanel bag the more of a grey tint it can leave. The CC on this one is a lot more flattened and you can see the stitching more. It's also taller and less wide.

    Photos ~




    Here is where you can really see the difference between the two. Notice the leather and the CC's.

    Left is the 1st Half Moon and Right is the 2nd Half Moon.

    Flash ~


    No Flash ~


    Anyway, I just thought this was interesting. I am going to be returning one. Not sure which yet ;)
  2. Ok. I doooo see the differences you are outlining. Hmmm. So since you haven't decided which one you are keeping, I'm confused. My first thought was that you were going to say the second one is of less quality (since the leather feels thinner, less puffy)... but then you state the color seems darker black w/less greying from the pebbling, which I would consider a positive. I am considering purchasing this WOC so I'm interested to see what you decide to do. I can see how these minor differences can make some tPFer's head spin with confusion. I guess it's just a matter of personal preference on which one to keep. However, for those of us who haven't purchased one yet, this WOC is being re-released so the previous puffier, thicker version IS probably sold out so there is no real choice to be made.... just a thought.
  3. Oh no the thinner one is not of less quality haha! Both are gorgeous bags and it's just preference. I will say that the thicker caviar does seem more durable where the thinner one seems it would be more prone to scratches but that I am not entirely sure of. Just speculation. If the thinner more washed looking ones are the Half Moon's now coming in stock, I guess there is really no choice to the matter as you said.
  4. I prefer the thicker pebbling to the more smooth look, but that is just a personal preference. They are both gorgeous :smile:
  5. I dont see any difference really...I have this bag on black and brown from when they first came out and they r fantastic bags!
  6. both are beautiful!
  7. I see the differences and I prefer the second for a smoother look. :yes:

    Thanks for sharing this interesting report with us! :tup:
  8. Hmm.. thanks for these pics! They do look very different. I would say go for the thicker pebbled one because I too think it may be more durable. Plus the leather's thicker, and must feel oh so nice! Also, I like the look of the CCs on the more pebbled one better. It's not as flashy and in your face.
  9. I see the differences -- very interesting! I prefer the pebbly one and am going to pull mine out of the closet and see which I have. I think mine is like your #1.

    Thanks for sharing your discovery!
  10. Wow! This is so interesting! I wouldn't have expected such variation between the bags. I own one of these and will have to pull it out of the box to see which one it is...
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    I too also preferred the pebbly or the first one.... The 2nd cc logo seemed too "fat" on a tiny flap. My 2 cents.
  12. very interesting! I like the first one better I think...
  13. starbrite omg thanks for the report!

    I have gotten one in the 13XXXXX series. At first touch, I felt the caviar and texture is so much thicker than the sevruga woc that I also got.

    But I didn't know there's a difference between the same half moon woc but in different time of production.

    To be honest, I've not used my half moon woc yet.
  14. Thanks for posting these differences! I prefer the first one because the leather is thicker and I like the puffier CC's!
  15. I prefer the thicker, more pebbled and puffier one. Hope it's more durable and puffier means looks more three-dimensional unlike the flat (and boring!) WOC. Any idea when the half moon WOC was first released?