Very innovative but.....

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  1. ...where do you put your keys?

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  2. Poor puppy. Surely that wouldn't be comfortable for the little guy.
  3. He looks embarassed. lol
  4. lmao! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. I always think the dog is embarrassed when I see them in that or in those doggie baby buggies. They probably have to prop up his head to take the photo because it is hanging in embarrassment.
  6. :lol: I always laugh when I see these, cute idea though.
  7. Awww! That's my little Coconut! lol
    I have a little girl maltese (Coconut) and she wouldn't be caught dead.
  8. Aww.. poor puppy.
  9. Wow... I really feel sorry for that dog and any dog whose owner would do that to them. It reminds me of doggy diapers I've seen for potty training....
  10. I've seen those. The first time I ever saw one I thought it was odd.