Very Important Question

  1. ok so i bought the black signature hamptons large carryall for christmas. NOW they don't have it in stores or online. one of my girlfriends just bought the black pebbled leather hamptons large carryall but MINE is larger - taller and a bit wider. we wanted to look at pictures of the "before christmas" versions. i know someone awhile back had posted on here an address where you could type in numbers or something to look up old bags. does anyone know what that adress is and how to look up old coach bags online?? i hope everyone got what they wanted for the holidays!! we are so in love with our new bags. thanks for your help, ladies!! :yes:
  2. yayyy thank you!!!
  3. Here is a link to archived pages of goes back to '97. It's neat to see how the site (and styles) have evolved over the years.

    Internet Archive Wayback Machine