Very Important Question For You Coach Lovers? Do You Like This Bag,,,,

  1. Hey my fellow women who still appreciate coach, there are a lot of women on here who think coach just isnt high end enough or think its ugly, but i want to ask all of you who still do like and love coach and can appreciate it like i can (even tho i do love many other more $$ brands i stilll LOVE me some coach haha)

    OK so here is the question: would you spend $180 on this bag?
    what about $140?

    or neither

    it is authentic, the person states "If you are worried about it's authencity, I can meet you at one of the Coach store so that you can authenticate the bag with the store"

    (not through eBay)

    I think i really like it, i think i think its cute and really different but sometimes i get caught up and cant look @ things objectively so i wanted to ask for help and you ladies are my helP! i know i can count on you!!!

    the measurements:Measurements Approx: 9" L x 5 1/4" H x 3 3/4" D

    Let me know if you would spend the $140 on it and if you had to do $180 would you still!!?!??!

    please please any and all opinions will be GREATLY Appreciated!

  2. Well, Im a diehard Coach buyer:yes: so, I will continue buying from them no matter what!

    With that said, I really dont like that bag. Its not my style. But if you like it, go for it!!
  3. I think it looks better in black, it's at the factory stores right now.
  4. how much is it at the factory store???!!

    and where can i find one of these stores!! !:smile: I am located in NYC
  5. that's pretty! But isn't it really small?
  6. yea it is really small... thats something thats annoying but i have a lot of big bags,,, i just dont know A) if i love it i think i do but i am not sure :smile: AND B) i cant decide i should spend the $$ on it, or what!
  7. i personally think its reallllllllllly cute, and metalics are tottally hot right now!!!

    and that said....EVERYONE needs a going out bag! and that looks like a PERFECT going out bag...i can just see it out there at the clubs/bars events/galas

  8. Ya know, when I first looked at this bag, I thought, "Oh, it would be a cute evening bag".

    I am a Hobo kind of gal myself, but something about the shiny-ness of the bag strikes my interest!
  9. I paid $135 for one at the Midnight Madness (after Thanksgiving) Sale at the outlet. So, I think $140 is a very good deal. :yes:
  10. Well, if its not something you are going to love then its not worth it. It sounds like you already have some doubts about the bag. Why not look around a little longer and find that perfect bag that makes you say "now thats what I'm looking for!"?
  11. I think it is $160 at the outlets now... but they do have that 20% off as well.
  12. I like it but I think it is a little to small to use for everyday use.
  13. I like it for an evening or special event bag, but I think it's way too sparkly and formal for an everyday bag. It is cute though.
  14. Saw a ton of the gold ones at the outlet just after Christmas. They still had a few as recently as last week and the price had gone from 20% off to 30% off $169.

    They also had the Gold Zoes and Gold (other small leather bag with the flap and the short handle from the Legacy line) as well as the Optic Lurex bags. It's a good time to pick up an evening bag.
  15. i think this bag is really cute. I would not spend more than $140.