Very important Marc Jacobs information!

  1. I just bought a grass green multipocket from eBay which I was sure was authentic until the seller told me that both the outside zip and the inside zip pocket zips were riri m8 and I thought the inside should be riri m4.

    Anyway I just rang Marc Jacobs in London and spoke to the manager and told him my concern and according to him you cannot tell a authentic bag by the zipper used. He said they all use different one and they change them often and he had never heard of this method of authentication before ever. He said the only way to tell with MJ bags is by the quality etc as they do not do serial numbers like other brands.

    So I am guessing mine must be real although a pfer has the same bag on eBay and hers is m8 for the big zip and m4 for the inside. Does anyone else have a MJ bag with both zips saying m8?
  2. ^ Although I agree that you must examine the overall quality of the bag, zipper heads ARE important. SAs are known to be clueless. Many of the people on this forum have more MJ knowledge than actual boutique employees!
  3. Did he seriously say that? This is from a guy who's only been working at MJ for only a few months... didn't the store just open recently?!?

    SAs....... :yucky:
  4. Def agree with Thithi, have been to the London store quite a few times and they don't seem to know very much at all. The SAs are nice enough but all a bit vague.
    And doesn't the number on the riri zipper refer to the size of the zipper so how can the little inside one be the same as the big top zipper?? :confused1:
  5. I have to say I disagree with what the SA said! The zipperheads are definitely important in terms of authentication. I sure hope your bag is real, but it seems you may have been misled.
    It is so frustrating to me when SAs are misinformed!!
  6. Just checked my mp, and I know indeed it is auth - the large zipper is riri m8, little one inside is riri m4...
  7. Uhhh... there's no damn way that they're both M8's.

    the "M8" means that it's a Metal size 8 zipper.
    In my production of bags, we mostly use size 5 nylon zippers, nothign fancy.

    So it makes sense that the inner zipper is an m4, as it's got much smaller teeth.

    Tell that guy at MJ he needs to take a lesson in handbags 101.
  8. The SA is about half-right. You CAN tell if a bag's authentic or not from the zippers, so he is wrong there. But he is correct in saying that they use all different ones (altho I don't believe they change them all the time!). Some of the lighter weight bags and/or softer leather bags are made with Lampo zippers and not riri. And since some of the zippers are different sizes, sometimes diff types of riri zippers are used (as in the MP - M8 on the outside, usually M4 inside).

    It's a shame that he would tell someone that the only way to judge an authentic bag from a fake one is by the quality of the leather. As we all know, some of the fake bags are nearly mirror-images of the real ones and its even possible that the a fake bag may have actually meant to be an authentic one at sometime but may have been meant for discard or destruction due to some error in production (many of those bags are snuck out the back door & resold on the black market as authentic!). I agree that sometimes a SA might mean well but they really have no idea - esp if they're new!
  9. He made me feel so silly as well!
  10. Well, at least now you know your bag is real :smile: and to go to tPF's experts and not the SA in London :yahoo:
  11. Well I am not sure it is now! I will post pics when I get it!
  12. Def get it authenticated here.
    Next time you're shopping in London, don't go to the MJ Store, go to either Liberty or Selfridges (they have good selction of MJ bags) and have a good look at them and compare them to your bag. It's much easier to have a proper look in a department store than the boutique.
    Good luck and hope it all works out for you. :yes:
  13. Does the MP never have m8 on the inside?
  14. No. The M# refers to zipper size. The zipper is smaller on the inside pocket (M4) than the large main zipper (M8). Does that make sense? Have you received your bag yet?
  15. No still not got it and I sent the seller an email after I had paid and been on here saying I thought it was fake and she said she had already posted it and I could take it to a store to be authenticated and I had offended her and her feedback was great etc and I have emailed her a few times since and she has ignored them all, and I still dont have the bag, I rang my bank and cancelled my direct debit as I paid through bank funding and the money in has not been taken thank god