very impatiently waiting for my first baby spy!!!!!!!

  1. Hi ladies!!
    I am just bursting at the seams!!! I ordered my first baby spy from Jomashop :yahoo:and I am waiting for it's arrival!! I finally got a confirmation that I will receive it tomorrow!!, they are very fast. I ordered the Zucca baby spy and I cannot wait to see it in real life... I wanted to share my good news with my girls and to let you know that if you want the baby spy as well Jomashop has it for 727.00, here is the link
  2. yayyy I'm glad you got it! A while ago it went out of stock and a few of our gals were disappointed. Great price too. Congrats! Can't wait for pics when you get it:yahoo:
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see photos.