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  1. While searching for some info on the bag I bought, I ran across a site called AAA Replicas. I have also been watching a couple of "authentic wallets" on eBay. If you look at this site, you will see very common styles that are being sold on eBay and other sites as authentic. These replicas look pretty good on the website - I wouldn't know til I had one in my hand. They claim to use the same materials, etc. as the manufacturer. The only difference is they state that they are mirrors or replicas. However, I believe some people have purchased these and are trying to pass them off as authentic. They even come with the cards, bags, etc. I thought it was illegal to do something like this but apparently not. Either way, maybe looking at this site first will help in making a decision.
  2. :yes: thanks a bunch Les, it is greatly appreciated!!
  3. If the replicas are using the Gucci name, they are illegal and it's very illegal to sell them. If they look like the bag but do not try to come off as a Gucci product (i.e. logo), then they are perfectly legal.
  4. Hi! I'm new to the group. I am very much into handbags and have sold some on ebay, but only authentic ones that I have purchased at retail stores. Since I like to buy handbags for myself, too, I want to be sure how to tell the "good" fakes from the real thing. I couldn't find the site for AAA Replicas.:confused1:
  5. hi there, juz type xxxx and u will find it!;)
  6. it's VERY much illegal to replicate 'mirrors' or copies. It's called counterfeit and it's ilegal and unethical.
    We DO NOT allow any links to websites that carry them, so I removed any from this thread.
  7. I saw that site this morning and came to the same conclusion that you did. From looking at the site I can see how some people are duped into thinking they are getting the real deal. SMH
  8. When I googled replica handbags, a ton of sites came up. And some of them look amazing. It's horrible that these websites aren't being shut down or something. I 100% agree that people are buying these bags and selling them as authenitc on ebay. It's horrible!:yucky:
  9. Sorry about the link. I didn't know that. I only posted the site so others could see the bags commonly being replicated and beware of them on other sites. In no way do I support purchasing counterfeit or replica bags.
  10. I just checked out that site. I found the bag I just bought (but in another color) off eBay. I wasn't aware that fakes were that realistic to the authentic bags. I figured all fake ones were being sold for obscenely low prices (under $100) on eBay, or looked terrible.

    How do people really know if theirs is real if bought online, such as off eBay? They look like all the bags I've seen proven authentic or not... so close.

    Even walking down the street-- will people even assume a bag is fake (even if it's authentic) just because of how easy it is to fake them, do you suppose? Gucci, in particular.