VERY funny eBay auction from a MOM of 6

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  1. Excellent! Good for her! :tup:
  2. That is CLASSIC~ I don't quite have 6 but can SO relate to the grocery shopping drama!
    Thanks for posting that & putting a smile on my face:smile:
  3. So funny,she writes very well! :roflmfao:
  4. omg this auction is hilarius. This is the reason I only have 2 kids.
  5. Yeah, ^^^ I have 3 kids and hubby and I always joke we're a 1/2 kid in too deep!
  6. HELL I get ticked off taking my husband and ONE 11 year old.... I wanna fling myself onto a sword thinking about taking SIX KIDS grocery shopping!!!
  7. LOL! That was hilarious! She's a good writer!
  8. Me the husband and the 11 year old. Keeping those two tamed at the grocery store is hard enough! lol
  9. OMG that was so funny, I only have one and DREAD grocery shopping - I can still here the word NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO echoing in my brain for days after grocery shopping!
  10. I know... i read that earlier today. She is hillarious! Her blog is the best birth control out there. I was having a rough day with my two kids and just reading her auction and blog had me rolling on the floor.
  11. That is pretty funny! I have no kids & I hate grocery shopping!
  12. Funny :smile:

    This is why I highly recommend doing online grocery shopping from a store that delivers in your area. You can order whatever you would normally buy & have it delivered right to your door for $9 or free if you can find an online code. I dont do it all the time but when its too hot, my daughter is fussy, etc.. It's one less thing to stress about.
  13. I'm glad she got a good price for it....with 6
  14. that was an awesome read!! :smile:)