Very Frustrated!!! please HELP!! ebay CANCEL bids on my selling item!!?!

  1. Hi everyone!
    It is my first time selling using my eBay account.
    so I put up my LV sophie (authentic of course!) up 2 days ago and when I last checked, it had 8 bids..
    and this morning..when I got up, there was ZERO bids..
    which means that eBay has cancelled all the 8 bids and now we are back in square one..
    I am so frustrated and confused:hysteric: <--makes me wanna scream like this!!

    just wondering whether this has happened to any of you ladies? is it normal that you would just wake up one morning with all bids cancelled? :crybaby:

    please help!! any idea on why or what I should do now that it is cancelled?
    :confused1: :confused1: :crybaby:
  2. Wait, so the auction is still up but there are no bids... youre lucky it didnt get pulled..

    eBay might have cancelled them because the bidders arent registered anymore or the bidders retracted their bids themselves, where in which it was not eBay deliberatly cancelling the bids
  3. click on the link where it shows how many bids and it will pull up the bidding history. It will show at the bottom if all the bids were retracted and for what reason. If they are all gone and no retractions, contact ebay Live Help and chat with a live rep to figure out the problem.

    If all the bids were retracted by the bidders, then there could be someone messaging those bidders telling them your item is fake so the bidders will bid on another bag, which can be reported as auction interference if you have proof.
  4. thank you everyone!! it is really very frustrating:cursing: how some people would go the distance to eliminate "competitions" or something..I heard of lots of ebay horror stories..and it is happening to me now.
    thank you for all your help though! I am awaiting to be answered by ebay live help right now and I will keep you ladies posted ;)
  5. Good luck. Keep your cool with live help, or they'll "accidentally" disconnect if they get tired of dealing with you.
  6. haha..that's so funny.."Accidentally" disconnect..i love that :p
    anyways!! I contacted ebay..and they were very helpful and the line up wasn't even that bad..surprise surprise!!

    so what happened was that someone has hacked into my account..
    *watch out for spoof emails ladies* basically..someone has sent me a question to ask..gave me a link which made me log in and thus, that hacker gets my password that way. :sad:

    so what happened is the ebay security people is dealing with it and they refunded me the money and I have the option to relist it.. it is quite a bit of a hassel though..sigh..but at least they dealt with it and the respresntative was very nice and helpful..

    and yes..some ppl in this world is just horrible..:hysteric: I really don't understand why they would even go the distance to make sure that people do not bid on your item!! sigh..

    but thanks again ladies!! I never knew live help existed until now :roflmfao: good thing I have you ladies to help me out :love: many thanks!