Very First tPF Post EVER!

  1. I would LVoe to read the very first tPF post/thread(I assume written by Megs or Vlad).:yahoo:

    I've been searching but can't seem to find it. Can someone post it? Or at least...tell me how to search for it. I'll bet there are other tPF'ers who would want to read it, as well....mostly to see how this obsession of ours came to be.

    Thanks so much!
  2. bump. how come this post is so lonely?
  3. Id love to read it too!
  4. Me too! One of the old threads is "who the heck are ya" in the newcomers lounge subforum.
  5. That would be interesting!!
  6. So weird I was thinking the same thing. I would love to see the historical developement of this blog, the original members and how they became so involved? How did they become mod's and did they know Vlad and Megs. I have lots of questions!!
  7. I honestly have no idea how to get to post one... but let me ask Vlad :yes:

    We posted in the newcomer's lounge in the Introduce yourself thread... so there is some info there! :yes:

  8. Meg I took an earlier poster's advice on viewing this thread. There's is allot of information there but we need more!!:heart:
  9. That would be cool!
  10. ooh! i hope we get to the bottom of this....

    plus... there should be a "historical tpf" archive thread... sort of a "best of the best" threads/postings... "classic tpf" stuff...?

    ...please? :flowers:
  11. YES!! YES!!:tup: