Very First Pair Of Lanvins!lol! Pics!

  1. [​IMG]

    They are super mushy and soft..But at 515.00 they better hold up..LOL....LOVES!:heart:
  2. I bought them at Saks In Bala,PA.....They have a great selection of these ballerinas
  3. Congrats - they're lovely! I just got my first pair too - black patent. They are so comfy!
  4. They're so nice! I just wish I could afford them! Congrats!
  5. beautiful! as a lover of all ballet flats, i'd love to have a pair of these! but as a college student, they may have to wait, lol.
  6. they look sooo soft and comfy! congrats! i would love to get a pair one day!
  7. Gorgeous! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Congrats! :biggrin:

    What's the sizing like?
  8. Those are really cute!
  9. They look super comfy!
  10. Love Lanvin flats!
  11. They run TRUE to size
  12. Oh its good to know another resource to find them! I bought my first pair about two years ago and now I think I have six pairs (I lost count). My first pair was a dark teal. They are the most comfortable shoe I have ever worn.

    I love quality of the leather . . . and their colors are always amazing. The soles are thin so I had the shoe repair put the protector stuff under . . . I wore them out before I had that done, but keep an eye on the soles cause they wear quickly.
  13. oooh that's the exact colour i want! this probably sounds stalkerish but what size did you get? i think we wear the same shoe size.. i'm not sure if i should get 38.5 or 39..
  14. I think they run tts - a while back (last year) they had some that were made smaller, but all the newer shipments seem very consistent to me (I heard they changed who was making them but the leather and craftsmanship seems the same - excellent quality).

    The leathers give more than the patent or satin . . . But I still wear the same size. I had my patents stretched (that was the run that was running smaller) and then they were fine.
  15. The leather looks so soft. I want some !