very first flap.. what color should i get?

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  1. I'm planning to buy chanel flap this coming March(for my birthday), but still can't decided on the size, color and hardware. This will be my very first flap...

    I plan to wear it at work and also weeknd...

    I'm petite 157cm (height) and having a skinny body...for the bag size, I don't want it to be too big for me and not too small, just nice...and for color, I'm not too sure, my PST is in black with ghw. how about beige or ther color? I'm think about having the

    1. medium(10"x6"x2.5") size flap
    2. black caviar
    3. silver hardware

    (but still doubt... do I make a right choice)

    I just want to confirm with you since you are my expert chanel friends... if I'm making a right choice...

    and wht will be the nice outfit I shld wear to make my black bag outstanding :smile:
  2. You should go with whatever your heart says. And you don't need to plan any specific outfits- a black bag goes great with anything & everything!!! GL!
  3. tata1976, I am petite and skinny too :P. I think black or beige should be good enough to start you off. Medium size, black caviar, silver hardware - sounds divine!!!
  4. i agree... the caviar in black is just a classic beauty!
  5. how much do u carry at work? the jumbo would be more like an everyday bag while the m/l is for going out, i cant wait to get a black m/l caviar ghw! u must be excited!
  6. I totally agree with bfali.:yes: You should go with whatever your heart says.

    I'm petite too. Medium size look just nice but I can't carry much, Jumbo can carry more things but it look too big on me and it too heavy for my shoulder.
    My favorite will be Reissue 226, it fit all my needs.
  7. comment things I carry... purse/wallet, sunglasses, lipsticks, car and house keys, tissue paper...

    i'm a type of person, the bigger the bag the more things/stuffs I will put in.. but all of the above.. list of things that i can't leave my house without it...
  8. I just got on the waitlist in the oc for a black caviar jumbo classic flap with silver hardware. I suggest going with a classic color like black or beige, but Im partial to black since its a color that wont be going out of style anytime soon. According to the SA I wont be getting one any sooner than May so I suggest checking the boutique near you to see what the availability is.
  9. black with silver hw
  10. yep, go with the 10" black caviar and silver hardware. :tup:
  11. black caviar is great ! I finally decide to get a black classic myself although I have beige already :smile:
  12. From your description below, I do not think that a medium size will be sufficient for all your necessary items. My suggestion is a jumbo flap. It is a perfect bag for all occasions. However, it would be wise if you could visit a Chanel boutique to try on the medium as well as the jumbo. So you could decide which is the most suitable for you.

    As for the color and the hardware, black with silver hardware is the safest choice.

  13. im shorter and skinny too
    i got the black jumbo
    i like bigger bags more and i dont think jumbo is huge
    for me its the right size

    i say go for black definetly
    both silver or gold are gr8 but i chose gold.. love the contrast more
  14. black caviar jumbo
  15. Caviar in black