VERY FIRST chanel!!

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  1. AH!
    I'm SO extremely excited!
    My dad went to Paris on a business trip and he bought me my very fist chanel~~
    It's the cambon pouchette, i believe it's called (sorry, i'm new to chanel)
    I'm now saving up for another chanel bag or maybe some chanel jewelry(!!) because i've seriously fallen in love with chanel...
    random 002.jpg
  2. Congrats on your first Chanel! There's nothing like the first!
  3. congratulations!!! what a cute bag.. i want my first chanel to be a cambon too =D
  4. Congrats!! Sweet dad, you are one lucky girl. Enjoy it!!!:tup:
  5. what a cute bag. you have an awesome dad! i think the cambon looks really unique with the python cc's.
  6. great dad. congrats on your 1st chanel. cute bag.
  7. What a sweet thing for him to do! Congratulations. :smile: My first (and only Chanel right now) is a Cambon piece.
  8. you've a very sweet dad
  9. congrats, its gorgeous.
  10. congrats!!!
  11. Congrats, you have a dear dad!
  12. nice bag!
  13. Cute bag!
  14. That's so cute! I love the cambon line:heart:
    Can it carry much?
  15. thank you to everyone (:
    i really need to do something for my dad in return though
    hm. any thoughts?

    i can put my cell phone (razr), tarte's little blot book, and a wallet in the purse
    the wallet is a prada wallet (im not sure what it's called) but style number is M522 (sorry.. that may not be of much help :T )