Very first Burberry...excitement is in the air!!

  1. I just got my first Burberry bag ever, and I absolutely, positively :heart: it!!!

    Hope you like it too!!
  2. i´m happy for you, it´s a very lovely bag!!
  3. [​IMG]

    Oooo... very purdy! I love the handle hardware! Congrats!
  4. Congrats, I have one similar but with black handles. It is great
  5. the Pure Forum in the background -too funny!! We know what was on your mind!! HA! HA!

  6. Very pretty bag! Congrats!
  7. Heehee...I noticed it until after I posted the pic, but hey, can't help it, this site is just so addicting...i love it!!

    thanks for all the compliments....makes me feel all gooey inside :smile:
  8. Congratulations.
  9. Congrats! I almost bought that one too! =)
  10. I really like the hard wear.
  11. Very cute!
  12. I love it, it fits everything in side...sure it can get heavy, but it looks good.

    I loved the fact that it was silver hardware :smile:
  13. Very pretty and ladylike, I like it! :cutesy:
  14. Love the patent leather trim- congrats!
  15. That's a cute bag. Congratulations!