Very excited for The Eva (Ergo) this Spring

  1. A picture of the signature Ergo was posted before, but I saw pictures of what the solid leather ones are going to look like today. I really like the style of this page and the leather is great. I was in the Coach store in Philadelphia today and one of the SA's brought me something with the pictures of what they are going to call The Eva. It's basically going to come in 3 sizes. The smallest size is about 12 1/2 X 8 and I forgot the depth. It comes in Black, White and Camel. The medium and larger ones come in those colors and a color Coach is calling Turquoise although it just looks like a darker shade of Pond.
  2. It's so weird that Ergo is actually coming out! My store was a pilot and it seriously bombed compared to other collections. It only did really really well when it was December and all of the soho hobos sold out in my store and ergo was the closest!
  3. From what I saw in the other thread that had ergo pictures, I didn't like it.
  4. oh, i LOVE the ergo...but i do think it's a smidge overpriced.

  5. I agree with you Stophle. An SA at the store closest to me showed me the the same thing LoracNJ was talking about. I'm just not a fan of the overall shape.

    The blue seems like it will be beautiful though - a very deep turquoise. I said to the SA that it looked like a darker shade of pond and she said that the pic, kind of like what happened with pond, looked different than IRL.
  6. i know the pilot ones went on delete sprinkles!

    i like the bag but it is the stitching that i'm not a huge fan of, which is why i'd consider white or pond when it comes out

    we'll see!
  7. I won't buy this till I see it in person. I don't like the large one. It looks too big, but that medium sized one looks nice. I don't know what it is about the shape, but it appeals to me for some reason.
  8. but there was no extra discount!

    It was such a weird pilot, we had the black/camel leather bags, black/khaki sig bags and white, black and the teal wallets!
  9. Yeah, from what little I've seen, I didn't like the shape of the bags. I'll reserve final judgement though until they're out in stores.

    That blue sounds pretty. I haven't seen any pictures of that yet.
  10. I have the Ergo Sig Tote/10766P in Khaki/Mahogany and I lovelovelove this bag! It is the perfect shape for me!

    I'm looking for the same exact bag in Black/Black signature... If anyone sees it, let me know PLEASE! I bought my bag at a Dillard's... I've checked three since and they are all sold out! :crybaby:
  11. It definetly comes in black! You should go into a coach and see if they can order it for you, just make sure they put the P at the end!
  12. I bought my khaki/mahogany and went back about 3 weeks later cause I decided I wanted one in black signature and they were all gone! I had asked an SA at my Coach store and she said she couldn't order one for me cause they are not due out til April. I ended up buying the Soho Sig Large Hobo/10601 in black but I know I won't be satisfied with it...

    Is the 10766P available for order now? Should I call Coach CS instead of trying in-store?
  13. I am looking forward to the Ergo Line. My Coach SA showed me a pamphlet
    with the Ergo styles and the color they come in. I like this bag and will probably buy two styles. The blue turquoise color is great. If I get a PCE
    invite I will use it to pre-order these bags.
  14. With this particular styled bag, I'm going to pull out an oldy but a goody. I bought this four years ago, and I use it quite often. It holds a ton of stuff. 341d_1.jpg Some Coach bags are reinterpretations of great things done once before.
  15. Neatrivers,

    I own two similar bags from four years ago and they are 9227 and 9228.
    I love this bag so much. The new ones which Coach is making this year
    have a front pocket so they have been tweaked a bit. I like the new Ergo
    tote and this is the one I will probably purchase in March. I also own an
    Ergo black bag although I am not sure of the style number. The reason I
    love my Ergo bags so much is beacause they hold so much (Magazine, water,
    a snack and my knitting).