Very excited about my internships - now which one to choose!!!

  1. Hi guys!

    So I just found out I got accepted for a few places for an internship (in the US) - except now I'm not sure which one to take. Which on would you take in terms of 1) looking good on the resume, and 2) great experience?

    There is:

    1) Top Top tier US fashion mag - fashion dept - managing the fashion closet, doing internly duties, chance to work with editors and stylists (such as camilla nickerson!) on major fashion shoots

    2) PR for YSL in NYC - maintaining the showroom, tracking samples, tagging and scanning edit credits, celebrity gifting and assisting with the day-to-day workings of the office

    3) Sales for top CFDA award nominated designer in NYC - handling the business side of peter som, dealing with PR, attending fashion shows and trunk shows. Doing internly duties. Small company so you actually will be working with the man himself.

    4) Top/2nd tier fashion mag fashion dept - similar as 1) but this magazine has wider international distribution.

    I'm kind of leaning towards 1 and 3. I'm currently studying economics and know that I'd like to be in the fashion industry after I graduate - however, I just don't know which aspect yet. I love dealing with the business side of things, but I also like to think that I could be creative. Which one will lead to more opportunities/better contacts etc??

  2. Wow, sorry I can't help much, but I just wanted to say: Congrats on getting these internship offers!! They all sound great :yahoo:

    Good luck deciding!
  3. Fabulous opportunities good luck deciding
  4. WHOA! What GREAT OFFERS!!!! You must be so excited. Keep in mind I know nothing about the fashion industry (except how to spend!) but would choose 1 or 3 as well.
  5. Personally, I would go with three. All your offers are amazing!!! I think it's better to intern with the smaller "company" and get that actual experience of handling more responsibilities than you would interning at a bigger place. It seems like you would get the best experience at place #3 just for that reason. I know you stated that you'd like to be creative too and place #3 seems more business-oriented but you'll still be working in the fashion industry and as an intern in the fashion department for such large corporations I don't think you'll be able to exercise much creativity anyway. I would want to do those opportunities just to be in that environment but in the end, whichever internship that actually gives you the most responsibilities that you can translate into marketable skills for the future is best. In my opinion, anyways. :p And I am no professional - this is all just my own speculation and personal judgment. Anyone here that's actually dealt with this stuff like to speak up? ;)

    They are all freakin' amazing opportunities!!! Gah! So jealous! :p
  6. wow. 4 offers. you are very lucky. id go with the smaller company like anniebobannie said you will probably get more hands on experience.
    good luck, all of the offers are great.
  7. as a magazine journalism major, CONGRATS one your two mag internship offers! i know how incredibly difficult it is to get those!

    if i had my choice i'd go with #1, sounds just like an internship a buddy of mine did at Vogue.
  8. #3.. sounds awesome.
  9. 1 or 3 sounds fantastic to me. 3 seems like a smart choice though, because you could get really high up if you get along well with the designer himself. :yes:
  10. Great offers! Good luck with your decision.
  11. amazing opportunities, good luck with your decision and tell us what you decide!
  12. congrats on your internship offers! good luck deciding.

    but if it were me, i would probably go with the smaller company so that you learn more.
  13. i'd say #3 just because CFDA is HUGE plus since you'll be working with the guy have more of an oppurtunity to show him how much of a hard worker you are...which could lead to something alittle more.

    i'm always about working with the person at charge and making a good representation of myself that way they can either give me an amazing recommendation or i can work them after the internship.

    I wouldn't worry about the two fashion magazines..those come and go fast...there's always interns needed for all seasons and you can always get in later but the CFDA internship sounds amazing..i'd take them in a heartbeat!
  14. Thanks guys for all your responses! I'm really excited!

    Because I'm a senior, one thing that I was considering though, was the possibility of being accepted for a full-time job after graduation. Working at a small design house gives you great experience, but would it be easy to switch into a magazine later on? or would it be easier switching from a magazine to a design house? Also, a smaller place would probably not offer fulltime offers since they'd want people with specialised experience to help them grow and expand.

  15. i'm actually a fashion student attending FIT next semester and I can tell you that friends have told me that it's much easier to get an internship from a magazine then a design house. Magazines need interns every season and there's always a demand for them but rarely does anyone see any fashion houses excepting unless you have some MAJOR talent. If you can get an offer to work at a fashion house..take it in a heartbeat. It's seriously a once in a lifetime chance.

    goodluck. :yes: