very dumb question I am sure ...

  1. someone please tell me or better yet show me the differences between a birken and a kelly ... and what are they price ranges???
  2. hi Harley!

    If you look in the top two sticky posts "Hermes Knowledge" and "Hermes info catalogue" They are plastered with pictures of Kelly Birkin bags.

    I think the main confusion comes because of so much diversity in material and color regarding these two coveted bags, and that they both use the same closure/lock hardware mechanism...

    They are two very different bags....

    The Birkin is more like a tote style bag with two handles and a flap whereas the Kelly is is more feminine/dressy/purse type with a single handle on the cover/flap of the bag. They kelly also comes with a shoulder strap.

    I'm sure you'll have no problem finding tons of pictures to compare. Just browse around the sticky!!
  3. thanks much for your help!!!
  4. Not a dumb question, but if you care to spend several hours per day looking around here you'll be in Hermes heaven! Beware - it's very addicting!!! Welcome...
  5. And I want both.... :smile: Each is special in its own way!

    Welcome, Harley!
  6. No question is a dumb have to start somewhere! Have fun and enjoy the beautiful things from Hermes.
  7. welcome harley.

    If u check out the two sticky threads, u will see lots of ladies here contributed so many useful information.
  8. Welcome Harley!