Very dissapointed

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  1. I went to and saw the inlaid Peyton in stock so I went ahead and order it. I saw both colors available and was hard deciding which one to choose. I have wanted this bag and since I got a bit extra money( tax) I decided to order it. S. I did it and ten minutes later I got an email saying my order is cancelled. Bummer! I called them and it turns out the system wasn't working properly :sad: so I guess that's a sign no to spend money. I don't want to but the one in bonanzle because it is already used and has stains.
  2. Aaww. Do you have any local Nordstrom's around that you could call and see if they have it in store? I wish you luck in finding one.
  3. I'm gonna try to do that hopefully they have it
  4. Or else try calling Macy's. They let you order over the phone and ship it to your house. I just found one today at a Macy's in Illinois. :yahoo:
  5. Try calling Dillards as well. I know my store had the bag so an SA can search the system and see if any of the stores have one. You just need the style number.
  6. I called Macy's and they told me they only ship to your house if you use a Macy's credit card, have you ever done it using a different credit card?
  7. I have in the past. Some stores won't allow you too but if you ask to speak with a Manager they will usually let you.
  8. ^^Good to know, thanks!
  9. Call your local store and see if one can be located nationwide for you...who knows. Maybe some store has one left...there is always, always a chance...
  10. I have done it without using my Macy's card. But, I would recommend checking into getting the Macy's card, it only takes a few minutes, and when I got mine they gave me an extra credit of 20% of my first purchase on my bill. Don't know if it works for Coach items though, I bought a Bulova watch with that extra discount. Took a $695 watch down to $349 including tax and shipping since it was majorly on sale to begin with too!
  11. I called coach and they found me the melon one from a store and they are sending it to me.
  12. I was able to find one too! After being dissapointed I went to look for it
    I posted about it here