very dissapointed with the quality

  1. Now, I bought a long black Gucci wallet last summer. It's monogrammed canvas but leather on the inside. It's a bit generic but cute, with a big square buckle. I loved it and I used it for about 4 months. I am not hard on my bags and accesories so I was really dissapointed because after such short time the wallet looks really worn and trashed, as if I had it for years. What's up with that? It's the only gucci wallet / bag thing I have so I cannot compare.
  2. I have never had problems with my bags/wallets looking worn.

    Did you scotchguard it? Where did you purchase it at?

    I always treat my bags, leather and canvas.
  3. I have quite a few Gucci items (including shoes). Have had no problem with excessive wear. Maybe you got a bum one....
  4. Take it to the gucci store w/your receipt and they will send it in for repairs.
  5. ^ditto that

  6. Hi Socalgem, thanks for the advice! Do you get the treatment done professionally or do it yourself? What do you treat the leather with?
  7. ^^^^^ I would like to know too ^^^^^
    How do you do it? I only give my monogram a wipe down with baby wipes... please let us know the process?!
    Sorry to hear about your wallet... that is really annoying to deal with....
    Take it straight to Gucci