very displeased...

  1. one of my best friend's from school had a purse party today. i was so excited, b/c i was under the impression that these purses were outlet finds...

    then i come to find out they are replicas.

    before the lady started putting purses out, she said they were.

    i was so disgusted.

    my friend did not tell me they were fakes.

    some of the brands were quite obviously fake.

    some of the coach however, looked real to the T. except for the creed.

    i don't want to be mad at my friend, but i drove 45 mins to her apartment for a crap sale. needless to say, i didn't buy a damn thing.

    am i wrong in being a little upset at her? she has attended parties before, but i could never tell her bags were fake...until i looked on the inside....
  2. Did you end up telling her that the bags were fake? I am sorry you had to do that, it must have neeb so uncomfortable. Maybe she doesn't know that they are fake though...
  3. oh, she knows. i talked to the naughty lady selling them, and before she puts anything out, she makes it clear they're fake. she bragged about getting them "underground".
  4. Oh jeez. Then I would be upset with her too. I'm sorry. That really stinks that should would even invite an authentic Coach carrier to one of the things.
  5. does you friend know how you feel about fakes. If she wasn't aware than you can't really be mad at her. Just polietly tell her thanks for the invite but your not interested.
  6. uhhhhh that sucks!

    Maybe she figure you were one of those people who didn't care if it looked really good. OR if you previously admired her bags because you did NOT know they were fake maybe she THOUGHT you knew and still thought her bags were great.

    So sorry you wasted your time...
  7. Yikes. That would have been REALLY disappointing.

    I can't believe that she calls it getting her bags "underground."

    A fake is a fake!
  8. I know some people think they're showing how smart and frugal they are by buying fakes, but maybe the next time someone brags about selling them, you should give them a copy of Dana Thomas' book "Deluxe" and highlight the chapter about the child slave labor that is so often used to make these 'bargain' bags. The price is actually much higher than just what is on the tag.
  9. ugg... that is so annoying. I am sorry you had to deal with that tonight.
  10. It sucks that your friend didn't tell you beforehand, since it sounds like she might have known the bags would be fake. But don't ruin a friendship over it.

    I would let her know that I'm not interested in purchasing a fake, and that I would rather pay a bit more to get an authentic bag from the outlets. And I wouldn't listen to any crap about how much I pay for my bags, not her business!

    May I ask, How did you entertain yourself when everyone else was ooohhhing & aaahhing over those underground lovlies?:throwup:
  11. one of my good friends has a fake coach legacy stripe tote and she got it from a purse party. i asked how much she paid for it and she paid $100! i was like, sheesh, you could have saved just a bit more and gotten something legit and you wouldn't be supporting child labor, terrorism, as well as hurting the economy. plus i'm sure it will fall apart in a few months. she said that the lady supplying the party had a link "direct to the factory" (um yea, out of the back of her busted up hoop-dee car, riiiiiiight). ppl who go to these parties are gullible and ignorant and the majority don't know any better. pity.

    i went to one party like two years ago to see how cheesy they are and i brought my LV speedy 30 and the gal running the party was actually mad because there were fake speedys there and mine was real and the differences were so obvious. i didn't flaunt it or anything -- it was like my own silent protest. :smile:
  12. I love that if you decided to go that you brought a real purse to highlight the differences between your beauty and that trash.
  13. i remained polite and looked at the bags, laughing in my head. and ate snacks.
  14. lol, just trying to fight the good fight for those of us who understand what fake purses really mean! holla!
  15. yeah, i went thinking real bags would be there, so i brought a real one! i don't own any fakes.
    she deceived me, but i don't know whether or not it was intentional.