Very Disappointed!

  1. I got the polka dot wristlet I won on eBay and it is NOT what I expected so I contacted the seller and I will be returning it. :crybaby: I was really bummed but I just don't think I would ever carry it in the condition it was in. :tdown:

    On a good note I just won a green ladybug hobo...a bag I've been after forever. And it is new with tags! :wlae:

    Okay ladies...I think I need an intervention!
  2. Sorry to hear that, that is a bummer!! Atleast you can return it!!
  3. What a bummer. I'm sorry you're not happy with it. But at least you still have the ladybug hobo! Post pics!
  4. that happended to me with my Demi... it was stained and smelled so the guy is sending me a $25 refund check. Hopefully...
  5. yay, you have the green ladybug! My bf bought that for me 2 yrs ago, its still one of my fav coaches!! Congrats
  6. don't give up on the polka dot wristlet. I have seen them at the outlet just a few months ago. Who knows you may get your hands on one or eBay may have another one that's nwt.

    Congrats on the green ladybug hobo.
  7. I am an avid e-bayer, ebay express and overstock auctions buyer. I will never buy and item that the person does not guarantee 100% money back guarantee. If you make sure they do this then you can shop with a little more ease and it weeds out alot of the phonies that are out there.

    COACH OBSESSED!!!!!!!!
  8. I"m sorry the wristlet didn't work out for you. I hate it when people don't represent the product honestly on ebay and then the customer is dissapointed upon receiving it. Buying coach on ebay should be fun, not frustrating. But, i'm really glad you're happy with your ladybug hobo!
  9. oh no! hopefully you can find another one! that is a super cute style! if I see any, i will let you know!