Very disappointed with Prada price

  1. I have noticed during the sale period here in London the shoes full prices were wrong. I knew it because there was a pair of shoes that i want and I remember the price was only 185 GBP but today the price it said 40% off and marked at 145 GBP. I know it is a sale trick but I felt the Prada bag I bought a few days ago would do in the same way. I won't buy Prada if I wouldn't get at least 40% discount. I just wonder all bags I have bought maybe they are only 20% off by Prada fake full retail price :shame:.

    Any ideas?
  2. I don't think Prada would go through the trouble of marking up every item's retail price to give the illusion of a better sale.. seems like too much work. Especially a brand like Prada who knows they will be able to sell their merch at whatever the discount is.
  3. See post below -- not sure what happened !!
  4. You didn't say if you were at a Prada store or another retailer. I've never seen Prada do this, nor have I seen it in reputable stores where I buy Prada from. I shop in and near NYC. BoyaboutTown -- you're right, heck half the time they don't need a discount, things sell out before the demand is gone ...