VERY disappointed with LV customer servoce

  1. I am soo annoyed with LV customer service. I called their 1800# because I was having issues with a monogram groom long wallet that I had bought less than 6 months ago. The paint along the edges is chipping off and I had brought it to the store and called their 1800# to address the issue. The store told me it was just normal wear and tear and the CS rep was like "well...its paint, its normal for it to come off"...and pretty much deal with it. WTF? you don't buy something and expect it to fall apart!!!! they didn't even offer to repair or a store credit or....SOMETHING!!!! they're basically telling me to just live with it. I am very disappointed with LV....I just don't understand this. I had an issue with a goyard bag I bought and I didn't address it to them until literally 3 months later....and when they did, goyard replaced it right away - no questions asked. I am sooo annoyed. I've bought so many things from LV and this is the kind of treatment I get....:wtf:
  2. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear.
  3. Sorry you're able to resolve your exchange.
  4. Sorry to hear about this, but the rep is right. It even states in the white care booklet that over time, the design or print on the canvas might fade over time and can chip because it is silk screened onto the canvas. ;)
  5. That is pretty common with the Groom line & is addressed in the care booklet that came with the items. The Sa I bought from warned me about this & said to be careful with the items. I kept mine in their dustbags while using them, I did it for a while & eventually gave up & just used them.
    The chipping is supposed to give them a vintage look, sorry your SA didn't advise you about this or ask you to read the care booklet :sad: the origional SA should have.
  6. I would be upset too. I wouldnt expect something I paid several hundreds of dollars for to start falling apart after such a short time. Maybe you should go into a different store and speak to someone else. It all depends on the SA. If you happen to fnd a nice one, he/she may be able to send it into repairs.
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that... I would be so upset too
  8. I guess all you can do is keep putting up a fuss. I would hope they would want you as a return customer!
  9. :yes: :yes:
  10. I knew I didn't like the Groom line.... This seals the deal for me!
  11. why don't you take it to the boutique where you bought it & speak to SA or manager about it? even though it's a well known fact and it's not a defect, they might be able to exchange if they have one in stock..doesn't hurt to try
  12. Sorry to hear about your wallet, I hope you can manage to resolve something with them.
  13. Sorry to hear that :sad: Thats why I keep my Groom Agenda in the Dustbag
  14. I have the Groom Compact Wallet that I used everyday for about 3 months? and I started to notice a smal (practically miniscule) spot appearing on the white painted section, which looked suspiciously as if the paint were rubbing off! So, back into the dustbag he went!! I had read about the paint chipping/fading off in previous threads, so I was kinda on the 'lookout' for it. I wish it didn't fade so quickly, but I still love it nevertheless. Perhaps you could try to bring it into a Vuitton store to see if the SA might be willing to exchange the item for you?? Good Luck!
  15. Sorry to hear about this! Try and take it to a boutique... they may be able to help!