Very disappointed with Kooba...

  1. I should preface this by saying that I only own one Kooba, so I don't know if there's a quality difference between the different styles and leathers. That said, I'm really disappointed with the amount of "babying" these bags seem to need.

    I have the Nicole bag in the luggage color -- beautiful style and absolutely perfect for my needs (I planned to use it as a work bag for the days I don't use a black bag). However, today is only the second time I've used it and the bag is already starting to look worn, and quite frankly, old.

    Here are a few of the issues I'm having with it: the seal (for lack of a better word) on some of the edges is already wearing off in high-friction areas (like where the back flap rubs against my body when carried on the shoulder and along part of the side); there are weird scuffs and creases on different areas; and it picks up color like crazy (I think from when I wore it with jeans on casual Friday).

    What it comes down to is, I don't think a bag at their prices should be looking so worn on its second use, especially since I am not at all rough with my bags.

    I guess I'll insert a rave here for Shining Monkey and Apple Leather Care products. Thanks to pre-treating with these, most of the discoloration was easy to remove and there are no water stains from when I got caught in the rain.

    I'll keep using the bag and hope that the flaws eventually become character, but it has turned me off to Kooba and at this point, I wouldn't recommend their products to others unless heavily discounted.

    I hope this doesn't offend Kooba fans; but I wanted to share my experience so that others would be aware of potential problems that may affect their decision to buy.
  2. my bonnie is sensitive too!
  3. And I noticed that in NM, the blush bag had a black discoloration on the flap (can't remember which style it was). It looked pitiful!! All displayed as if perfect yet WHO WOULD BUY IT LIKE THAT????
  4. So sorry, halocom, that you are having those problems. Maybe the leather really is sensitive to its environment, but I still love Koobas because of their style. Having only fondled many of them and not yet the owner of one, I can't say for sure how they would wear for me, but I still love their leather anyway.
  5. I would have to agree that the leather seem to look "old" after only a few uses. I have only 2, and I haven't owned them for that long, and already they do have that really worn floppy look. But I don't really mind it too much since I don't mind the "distressed" look.
  6. Yes, because of something that BabyK just stated above, I think that one of the reasons that I really love Kooba is that they are not really structured bags, like frame bags, or for a design that comes to mind, like Brahmin, because Brahmin leather is very stiff, and still gets marked up, too, I might add. Most Koobas are more pliable.
  7. i have nice bags i can pick up with my teeth. then i have this one bonnie i'm afraid to touch :shame: lol... i'm torn. i love the bonnie but the sensitivity of the leather is painful.
  8. Sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your new Kooba. At this point I haven't had any of the same problems with any of my four bags. However, mine are quite dark with the exception of the Sienna which is in a light green color called Moss. My other three are a distressed leather (Renee) that shows absolutely no wear, a black Mackenzie and a toffee Nisha. I agree that there shouldn't be obvious signs of use after only carrying it twice...and in that case, I too would be disappointed. I don't know if maybe some of the newer bags are made of a more fragile leather? Hopefully, some of the "Kooba experts" can give you more info on what to do that can possibly help.
  9. This is so good to know, because I am making a decision about which bag to buy, sight unseen, and kooba's were at the top of my list.
    Does anyone know about the wear of Bulga, Gusto, Botkier, Rafe and Andrew Marc?
  10. I thought the same thing about the Koobas still left in the store at Barneys BH. In fact, they moved them into a glass case because they really did look worn - none of the other bags did. Wassup with that?

    I have a Tano bag (fabulous leather, I could dance on it and nothing would show) and I really like Biasia as well (have three pieces and all are hardy). I have heard, here, that Bulga is similarly hardy, mixed things about Botkier (although many love theirs) and many people have strongly recommended Rafe. I don't know anything about Andrew Marc, but my husband bought me a Marc Chagall and it is a stiff, embossed kind of leather that looks fabulously new - so much so that I look sort of odd wearing it, everything I own looks distressed pretty quickly.

    Except my Balenciaga bags, they came looking distressed and never change.
  11. i'm still interested in tano and think that's the only bag i'll stray to besides dooney and coach for a lil while...
  12. I am sorry to hear your not happy with your Kooba.
  13. Thanks for that info! So glad to hear that about Bulga. I'm thinking about getting the Lrg Multi Zip:

    My only reservation is that it is darker than I was wanting. It's such a great deal at Revolve... hmmmmmmm
  14. Botkier is the only one I can comment one. I haven't had any real issues except the stich that is in the tassel on my Bianca broke (but the tassel looks the same). It is not noticable though... My trigger still looks great.
  15. I bought a Sienna in desert last spring and picks up dirt really easy. I just used her max 5 times and the handles are darkening.
    I love a lot of their styles but I haven't bought another one because of that.