Very disappointed with Chanel Sydney

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  1. Hi,

    I am currently on holiday in Sydney and was on the hunt for a black coco handle bag as a present for my birthday. When I check out both the Sydney Chanel stores at Westfield & Castlereagh last Tuesday, the bag was not available and they said since it is very popular as soon as they have stock, it will be gone straight away.

    So, I came back on Thursday to the Westfield store, I saw a blue coco handle on display and when I asked the SA, she said that they don’t have the black one. Lo and behold, another SA put it a black mini in front of me. I was so excited that I could get a hard to find/coveted bag that I bought it in the fear of never to find it again as the SA suggested to me that if I don’t take it somebody else will take it. And I asked her about the exchange policy as I am scared that I will change my mind due to the impulse buy, she said I could exchange it within 14 days. I thought I had inspected the bag properly until when I went home and unboxed it, I noticed some creases on the leather at the front under the flap and at the back under the pockets.

    On Saturday, when I had an appointment at Bondi with a friend, I thought I’d bring the bag with just the dust bag to the store after my appointment to see if they have the same bag without the crease. I asked for the bag and they have a good one. They treated me nicely at thr beginning but then when I said I wanted to exchange it with the bag I bought, their faces started to show. They said my bag is not in a resaleable condition so they can’t exchange it and I should go back to the store I bought it from. They even make a call and said that the Westfield store still has a few stock and I should be able to exchange it there.

    After unsuccessful arguing with the manager, I decided to go back to Westfield. The store was busy so I just asked if they have the bag and they said they don’t. I asked if they could checked if Castlereagh store has it and they have a few. Off I went to the Castlereagh store and they said I couldn’t exchange it because I didn’t have the original packaging ie the box with me. Now the box was heavy and big. The place that I was staying was 1.5 hours from Sydney. I couldn’t just go back and forth using public transport carrying the bag with the box. The manager still said no, so the SA suggested that I go back to Westfield and asked the staff to get the bag from Castlereagh store as they might allow me to exchange it without the box there. I tried to argue why did they make life so difficult for me. This is not a good customer service. But they won’t budge.

    I went back to Westfield, told the story, the SA made a phone call to Castlereagh for a long time, came back and said “They told me you’ve been to Bondi and Castlereagh and both managers said no, so the answer is no”. I told them the reason they said no is because they told me to come back to where I purchase it which is at Westfield. I asked to see the SA that sold me the bag and they said “Oh she is not here” and I said “But I saw her before”. She has gone for the day, her shift finished at five. Within minutes I saw her and I said oh there she is and they’re like oh I thought you went home. Then she spoke to me that after a while the bag will have creases as it is squishy and just be happy that i got it because it is a very high demand bag and it will be gone in minutes.

    By this time, I had already spent the whole day moving from store to store and I have another appointment soon. So, I left the store due to the time and feeling so unhappy and disappointed with Chanel’s customer service. I am on holiday and wasted one precious day that I could spend sightseeing and time with my friends to deal with them and left so unsatisfied that I felt sick when I see any luxury bags pictures on instagram. I feel cheated, scammed and lied to. At this point it’s not about the bag anymore, it becomes a bad experience that tainted my memory. I know that I could complain to Fair Trading and sit at the store arguing all day but I ain’t got the time as I will fly off in a few days.
  2. "They said my bag is not in a resaleable condition so they can’t exchange it and I should go back to the store I bought it from."
    Did you use the bag, or was it exactly as when you'd unboxed it? Would really like to see pictures of the creases you're talking about. This sounds appalling to me but it's always hard to understand when the situation hasn't happened myself.

    One option may be to contact your credit card company and open a claim.I find that it's really helpful and there are other topics on others' experiences on this.

    This is why people always stress that you need to check the bag 100%, take your time in store and make sure you're happy with it before bringing it home! Sorry to hear about your bad experience.
  3. I second checking the bag thoroughly before purchasing it.
    As someone who lives in Sydney and was planning to visit a Chanel store, I will keep in mind your comments.
  4. Ii’d say just pack it up in the box with all its trimmings and return, if you could. Sounds like your experience had tainted your love for this bag.

    In fairness, for future reference if you intend to exchange a product, you need to bring it to the store complete with the box plus invoice and usually at the boutique where you bought it from.
  5. You would have had more success had you brought it back as purchased. No store takes back purchases like you brought in. Not just Chanel.
  6. I’ve attached a photo from the back left side corner. It’s definitely still resaleable as when I went to Castlereagh store one of the bag they have was also in that condition.

    There is no guarantee if I bring the box that they will exchange it and if they will have stock. As I live faraway and I only have today left, I can’t go back to the store anymore to take the chance.

    Just want to share my experience, for the money I paid, they shouldn’t treat people that way. Definitely won’t be buying from them anymore.

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  7. I'm a little confused what I'm looking for in the picture! Can you point it out? Thank you!
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  8. There is also a similar crease at the front but only in 1 diamond and it doesn’t show in the picture.

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  9. Oh I think I see it. Looks kind of dented at that area.

    I have to say, that I agree with other comments that you should have brought back the bag as you'd purchased it (with the box! The box is very important!). Louis Vuitton is the only luxury store I've bought from so far that doesn't require the box back, only the dustbag-- and their return policy online follows that as well! Still sorry to hear about the situation but I think we should be considerate of the brand's perspective in protecting other customers, especially since if you bring back a bag not in original brand new condition with box, another customer will likely buy it unknowingly.
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  10. I haven’t used the bag, it has only been 2 days and I can also buy the bag without taking the box with me from the store as offered by the SA. The manager in Bondi and SAs in Westfield didn’t even mention to bring the box in. So, I find that they are just making excuses since there are inconsistencies in their reasoning. I just wish they didn’t make it so hard for their customers and it feels like the real reason is because they won’t be getting any commission from exchanging it.
  11. It’s unfortunate that you had a bad experience with Chanel. As others have mentioned, it’s important to check the bag thoroughly before purchasing it. Some people would be perfectly ok with the crease you show in your picture, while others—like you—may find it unacceptable. That’s all very subjective.

    I must say I find it interesting that all three boutiques refused to proceed with the exchange for this bag, which was bought only a couple days prior. Luxury stores are used to exchanges and returns. Not sure what happened here.
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  12. I'll be honest, I've always gone for the return-repurchase route rather than asking for an exchange.

    Something about the word "exchange" makes boutiques a little more cautious, the assumption being that if you're exchanging for an identical bag there is something about your current one that would make it harder to sell later on. As for insisting you bring the box in, I honestly think that's ridiculous and stupidly arbitrary. As long as you're not requesting they box up your exchange, there shouldn't be an issue. Returning a boxed bag doesn't mean the bag is unused; likewise returning one unboxed doesn't mean it's used. Let's be honest, we've seen people wear clothes (and bags) out with tags on for the purpose of returning it later worn. For the record, I've returned bags in dustbags only to other designer brands.

    Also, and I'm sure this has been hammered home by this unfortunate experience, but ALWAYS ALWAYS check your purchasers before leaving. I usually assume that once I've left the store, returning my purchase will be next to impossible, I assume that for everything I buy. Makes me a little more careful when I'm looking my item over before the CC comes out.
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  13. Yes, you’re right. When you purchase from one store and want to exchange or return to a different store, the SA there is not very willing to do this. Because he/she doesn’t get any commission. I used to have my own experience like your situation. I bought a first CC flap bag during my vacation, went home and found a problem so I took it to the local store for fixing. But the SA was not very helpful or happy to help me because I didn’t buy from her. It’s been 4 years and I haven’t bought any Chanel things since then until recently.
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  14. Honestly, just return it. It's not worth your stress, taking away the enjoyment of your trip, or even your money at this point.
  15. Thank you all for your responses and suggestions.