Very disappointed...What feedback should I leave?

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  1. I couldn't believe it either. Here's what she said in the message:

    "hello,im so sorry i totally forgot about your bag,when u emailed me i realized it needed shipped,went to package it and i cannot find it anywhere ,i donot know if i shipped to the wrong person or if i through it very upset ive lost a tods handbag...i will refund your money asap....if i find i will email u so sorry again..."
  2. forgot to mention that she has 100% feedback (close to 500)
  3. Once I won an auction for a MJ bag and it went for $200, the seller emails me that she accidentally ruined the bag with coach leather cleaner as she was preparing to ship it to me. What a coincidence... as for your seller-- I think she deserves a negative.
  4. Why would anyone throw a nwt bag away? I'd leave her a negative for lying, and for not even being a decent liar. :wtf:
  5. If you choose to believe her story, at least keep an eye on her sales over the next month and see if she re-lists it. I personally don't think there is any way she "threw it out". With that amount of feedback and experience with high end sales, I don't know how you just accidentally throw something out or throw in a free Tod's bag to the wrong person...
  6. Who knows what is going on? Perhaps she is a grandmother (or mother) whose child was involved in a car accident, or whose husband just died? Or parent who is very ill. Or ... or ... anything that MIGHT make a 100% feedback seller forgetful and unable to find items or handle sales.

    I'm just saying there might be something going on. One doesn't keep 100% feedback by not completing sales.

    You were refunded, I would leave a neutral at best. Sometimes things happen. I don't know if there is something wrong with your seller - just playing devils advocate.
  7. I agree. Even though the story sounds like a bunch of BS, we don't know for sure what happened. It's likely she's a flake, yet I would still have a hard time leaving a Neg--me personally--because she quickly refunded the money. I would leave a neutral.

  8. i was going to say this... maybe don't do anything YET.... watch her listings to see if she lists it again.. and if she does then maybe message her and ask what's up or neg her for doing that.
  9. Why not be a nice person and leave her no feedback. Why are you judging her, you don't know what is going on in her life. If she has 500 positive feedbacks I would think she is a good Seller. BUT, we all go through times of stress in our life, obviously from her response something is up. Give her a break. (Unless she did not promptly refund your money). It's really really hard to build up 500 good feedbacks, think about it.
  10. Did you check the seller's Toolhaus? Remember, just because it says 100% positive, only means that the seller has had 100% positive in the past year only. Toolhaus goes back farther into the history...

    Regardless of the seller's past feedback, I'd withhold feedback until you see that she hasn't relisted the item. If she relists it in the next 30-40 days (and doesn't bother contacting you about magically "finding" it in the trash or wherever), then go ahead & leave her a negative. If she doesn't end up relisting, I'd leave a neutral, just because she made you wait while holding onto your money for like 6 days!!