Very disappointed...What feedback should I leave?

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  1. I won a bag on 9/15 and I paid for it the same day. The seller was supposed to ship the item within 3 days, but after waiting for almost 3 days without hearing from the seller, I sent her an email asking if the item has been shipped. I contacted the seller on 9/18 and I just heard back from her today. She basically said she couldn't find the bag, didn't know whether she shipped it to the wrong person or thew it away. She refunded the money and said she'll contact me if she finds the bag. Should I believe what she said? Should I leave her positive, neutral or negative feedback? What are your thoughts? Thanks!
  2. That's kinda flaky. Maybe she spent those three days looking for the bag, or maybe she was blowing you off. Maybe she's that disorganized, or maybe she wants more $ for the bag. Did you win it by auction or BIN?

    If you're "very disappointed" then you couldn't possibly leave POS feedback. Yet, I think a NEG would be too harsh, especially when she promptly refunded the money. You could leave a Neutral pointing out why you were disappointed, or you could skip leaving feedback. Up to you.
  3. I would tell the seller how disappointed you are that the bag you bid on is missing and that she couldn't tell you this at the time you won it. You have been patiently waiting expecting the bag you won to arrive any day, meanwhile, she knew it was missing and didn't warn you of this fact. I would explain that a refund does not make up for your disappointment in the situation and that you plan on leaving negative feedback to reflect the poor situation and the poor manner in which it was handled. Or, if you still really want the bag, tell her that you will give her a week to find the bag before leaving feedback. Sorry this happened to you!

  4. I agree with this.
  5. karmenzsofia: I won the bag by auction. It was a nwt tod's pashmy bauletto nylon and I won it for around $215. I had a feeling maybe she wanted more money for the bag.

    echo: I think I will wait a few days before leaving feedback. I do think that negative is too harsh so I'll probably leave neutral.

    Thanks for your feedback!
  6. well i'd say negative in this case.
    she took your money, but then only after you contact, then she replies that she has no clue where it is. so in the 3 day interim, she just planned on keeping your money? no contact saying she can't locate the bag. she is the one listing it for sale, how do you not know where it is.
    sounds pretty flakey and i'd want to let others know. negative or neutral, IMO.
  7. Well, she said she forgot about my bag until she saw my email. But how can she accidentally send it to someone else or even throw a bag away. I know I would never do that.
  8. She "forgot" about the bag "until" she saw your email? Now, that's a bit outrageous, if you ask me.
  9. She might have thrown away a bag that she listed for auction? :wtf: Did she really think you would believe that, lol!
  10. So basically she forgot about the auction can't remember what happened to the bag? Oh my..., she must have worse memory than my DH.:rolleyes:
  11. This is the biggest joke ever lmao. What a weirdo. I would negative her for this. Im sorry you had such crappy luck op. Hope u can find a new bag with a much better seller.
  12. "she threw away the bag" what the :censor:. seriously who would believe she would just throws away a bag she listed on ebay!

    give her a neg!
  13. Yeah...if she truly "forgot" about a likely-not-cheap designer bag, about listing it on eBay, and about selling it, and about the money she received as payment immediately after it was purchased, and about the buyer waiting for the bag, if she could forget all that, then perhaps she's know...sort of...not fit to be a seller--is she? Under those circumstances, I can see how any buyer would feel compelled to Neg her.
  14. I would leave her a neutral if she did not say she "forgot about the bag until she saw the email". She did not remember about the bag when she saw your money. Weirdest thing ever! Now the neutral is turning to be a neg.
  15. Was it a store item she sent to auction? Does she have alot of stuff listed? You could tell her if she finds it to let you know. Wait a bit before leaving FB to give her a chance to find it &/or so you can watch auction venues to see if she "found it" and relisted it because she didn't get enough $ for it.