VERY disappointed in Oak Alexa...

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  1. I have an Oak Alexa and she's beautiful. The leather quality is perfect, not too thin, although I have seen other Alexas who are a bit thin and not as beautiful as mine. Maybe I've been lucky but I have no complaints with mine at all :smile: x
  2. I took the bother to look at all your 10 posts - in every one of them you have been desperately praising the Alexa, including no usual "introduction" post (as most posters do - their first post usually carries a quastion, or an introduction or an explanation of some kind), but straight to the core - how great Alexa is in all aspects... How interesting.:graucho: Your first post being after this thread appeared and became quite visible on the forum.

    I do hope that you have no connection to Mulberry PR and are not one of those company agents who closely watch this forum. They would not welcome our fair criticism of the quality of Oak Alexa, which, in my personal opinion only, is often awful and screams "hey consumer, shall we take you for a ride with your money ! buy our hyped-up cheap bag to make the most profit for us!!!"

    I am not entirely buying into such posts ... stitching may give...:graucho: Of course I may be wrong, but a poster who devotes her time on the forum exclusively to advertising how great Alexa is following criticism of the bag's quality from posters... - well, interesting.
  3. ^^ Korzinka you are so wise! I haven't formally introduced myself either. I was a little shy for a couple of months and was 'coerced' into my first post when a thread started on watermelon lexie, my most recent purchase..... I'm easing myself in and find this forum as addictive as the handbags themselves. I'm desperate for a new bag just so I can do my first reveal. lol
    BTW sorry for butting in on your post.
  4. ;):smile: The vast majority of posters are genuine posters who post genuine opinions...including a lot of those people who are collectors and bag fans, or resellers (who sell bags for profit as business or occasionally), and people who have just one or two Mulberries... or want to buy one...
    However, sometimes a poster appears that clearly has some specialised interest - to promote some particular item or refute some negative publicity... They are easy to spot, since it is very difficult to mock up genuine posts. Of course, I may happen to be wrong about some posts - so I only voiced my gut feeling, no more.
  5. Lol if you have just outed a PR poster, Korzinka. I did notice last night that the poster commented on lots of threads - just in relation to her oak alexa.

    If you are wrong, then I am sure that DukeofYork won't take any offence from this baptism of fire! Coome back and chat with us Duke, if you are not a troll then we are a most welcoming bunch :smile: xx
  6. Lol! Catch a troll:nuts:
  7. How annoying! PR people joins in as regular person and chims in on discussion while building their brand in the same time. If that person is indeed from Mulberry, you've done a good job shooing him/her away, Korzinka.
    Why can't they just fixing up their quality issue instead of trying to steer people away from not buying Alexa bags which already had quality problem to begin with anyway.
  8. Well done Korzinka!!! - It looks like you've done a brilliant 'ferret' impression!!!
    Let's see if there's a response to your questions.......

    Personally, I don't own an Alexa, so I'm not really in a position to comment, but if I had enough money to buy a brand new one, given the dissatisfaction aired on this forum, I'd be more likely to invest in a couple of older (and in my opinion, more hard-wearing) classics....
  9. I love the alexa but there is no denying that the material used for the oak, i.e. oak buffalo DOES suffer from colour transfer - I have a ruined drew mini in oak buffalo as proof of this! I love the oak alexa and I do hanker after one but the transfer issue is a big one for me. If i do get one then I am fully expecting that it will not wear well and it will look shabby and discolour on the back and corners after a while. I have not had these problems at all with OL alexa, pink leopard alexa and black mini leopard. xx

    Edit to add that I have also seen several listings for used oak alexas on Ebay where there is colour transfer to the back and corners of the bag.
  10. Korzinka, I love it! I think you may be on to something. I sold one of my Alexa's and I've now worked out why I love my sparkle tweed one so much. I bought it from Shepton for $278 due to slight colour transfer. Quality wise, I think that's exactly how much it's worth.
  11. Lol! Thank you ladies! It's fun:nuts:! I was in Bicester a few days ago, they had both black and oak regular and oversized Alexas, and I looked at the leather edge and checked the thickness. Things are bad on the oak! Black was better - possibly due to the easier availability of black cheap leather wholesale, so Mulberry wanted to cut costs? managed to find an O.K. black leather supply? (still quality is very borderline - wrinkles were as if Alexa was a 95 years old lady) and in oak went for whatever cheap? (only my personal guess and opinion).
    At Prada I also looked at the leather. Miles, miles better! at Gucci, too.
    Ar YSl a croc. bag cost £3000 - just only about 3 oversized Alexas...
  12. No new posts from the suspected PR person then.........

    Looks like you ratted them out Korzinka....
  13. Just realised, that should be a £ and not a $ sign. Oh my, I've lived in the states too long. Time to come home I think!
  14. Thank you for the correction, as I was just about to book a flight to the UK to go shopping at the outlets. If they are selling Alexas for $275..... ;)
  15. Just seen this. So sorry for the late reply. When I first joined I had a message on the account saying I had to contribute 10 threads before I could post myself so I thought I'd blither on about how in love I am with my Alexa :yahoo:
    I wish I had a connection to Mulberry PR!...I can just sense the discount. I found out that Mulberry Shareholders get discount, so I've since been pestering my other half that we should invest!

    Sorry I'm a tad shy about introducing myself at times, so I thought I'd just coo about my new present, sorry guys.

    I'm a Veterinary Nurse, I'm 24 and live in (not so) sunny Newcastle
    - so definitely no connection to Mulberry - sadly. I've been a Mulberry fan for years and promised myself that I'd own one but the right bag never really jumped out of my bank balance and into my arms, I was tempted by a Bayswater but carrying her in the crook of my arm was the only off point for me, then I spied the Alexa and it was love at first sight and my OH bought her for me as a present on our last trip to Manchester Selfridge.
    I'm a HUGE Alexa fan, I've never owned a Mulberry before now. Just hugely in love with her :biggrin: I'm slightly obsessed by her really. From reading the other posts I think I've been quite lucky as the leather is thick and good quality.
    Sorry for not introducing myself, I just got a bit excited reading about Alexas :smile: