VERY disappointed in Oak Alexa...

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  1. I have another couple of weeks in which to decide if i should keep my Alexa or not. I am so confused. I just dont know what to do.:confused1:. I so want An Alexa she is very versatile but am worried about the quality. Mulberrys should last a lifetime. Doesnt seem like she will.
  2. Hey thank u for ur answer:smile: I think I will make up my mind once in the store now I'm just SO confused and even think about banishing Mulberry from my closet really
  3. :goodpost:
  4. Totally agree with lola I have 7 and love them all- and no problems with any of them- my oak is beautiful and I use it a lot as it makes me feel young and trendy when Im not!! there is a variation in quality and between wrinkly snd smooth but we all have our quirks too so you need to see what you are buying and pick the one that suits you best
  5. I just sold my Oak OS Alexa today and I'm relieved and don't regret it at all. I just feel that it is the wrong bag for me as it easily gets malformed and I find the strap so flimsy and awkward. the part where the rings are attached looks misshapen when carried messenger style because of the pull of the straps. The leather itself also feels cheap to $100++ Italian purses feel more expensive than my Alexa! Even the glued part of the strap and some parts of the bag itself is actually falling apart already and this is with close to 0 use! This is my biggest bag regret and I'm glad I got my money back!
  6. I hope that the new owner of your alexa isn't too unhappy that they bought a bag that "is actually falling apart". It may have been more sensible (and fair) to send it back to mulberry repairs if the problems were that bad.
  7. ^This was a face to face transaction and the buyer inspected the bag to her satisfaction. Not all sales mentioned here are online ones. I think it's best to get things clear first before assuming the worst and giving out comments that just make us appear utterly rude.
  8. DisCo I'm sorry to hear about your OS Oak Alexa. But glad that you could sell it and got your money so you could buy something else with it.

    I have a regular Ink from the first season when Mulberry just issued Alexa and knock on wood.. I hope nothing wrong ever happens to it.
    It's definitely not the most workhorse bag. I try to carry it half empty most of the time because I'm worried overstuffed it might wreck the bag. But apart from that, I never have to baby it too much though.
  9. I think you did the right thing here. One man's meat is another man's poison. I recall selling a Chloe Paddington a few years ago. Although I couldn't wait to see the back of it, the mother who bought it for her daughter couldn't have been more delighted. This was a face-to-face transaction too. For a second I thought the woman would run a mile, when a tiny screw came off as she was handling the bag. But no, she just fixed it back on again, put the Paddy in its dustbag and handed over the money!
  10. From what I've read here it seems that Oak in particular encounter more problems than the other colours so I wouldn't be too worried about your Ink. :smile: and I think because your Alexa is the regular size, it really won't get too overstuffed like an OS would because of the smaller space. If I had been aware of these flaws of the Oak OS, I would've gotten either the black or grape regular instead which were the other colour choices when I got the bag last December.

    LOL funny story! I guess there are a lot of people out there who don't really mind buying a "flawed" bag as long as it's authentic and functional. The buyer of my bag was only concerned of its authenticity and didn't mind the flaws that have been nagging my peace of mind ever since I became aware of them. Another man's meat is another man's poison indeed! :P
  11. I think, it all depends on the price the buyer pays, and if the bag has not been neglected by the first owner. .
  12. DisCo, the funny thing was, the bag was in perfect condition (or so I thought). I just hated its heaviness and the fact that I'd started banging the padlock against glass counters in shops. I was absolutely mortified when the woman picked up the Paddington for a final spin round, and a little screw fell off. I didn't know where to look. To my surprise she wasn't a bit bothered! :lol:
  13. :tdown: Earlier today I went to Mulberry Hong Kong at Times Square and sadly I have postpone my plan on buying a OS Alexa. The craftsmanship of the bag is poorly done. I saw many loose stitching and the leather material they've use feels weak. Boo hooo :crybaby:
  14. Oh, Jade! I'm really sorry to hear this, I know you have been looking forward to the possibility of an alexa for ages. You must do what you think is right though, if you are not impressed by the alexa then you will never be relaxed or happy about owning one. It will feel like a waste of money unless it is your dream bag. Fingers crossed you will be able to turn your bag attentions to another brand or style quickly enough to curtail your dissapointment :sad:

  15. The quality really seems to vary a lot, which I find odd. I have Alexas in different colours and they are all fine, luckily.

    IMO the leather gets better with use. The very smooth ones may look like fakes when new, but as they get worn in the look definitely improves. I didn't like the Alexas when the style originally was introduced, but after using these bags, I have to say that IMO this is the most userfriendly Mulberry I have ever found!

    I just wish Mulberry could fix all these quality issues so that we could enjoy our bags without having to worry that they fall apart!