VERY disappointed in Oak Alexa...

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  1. I have just read this entire thread. I'm so disappointed to continue to hear about poor quality alexas. I have not owned one myself, but I liked the ink very much. These bags are so expensive (for me) & I am very put off by the quality issues on top of the price. I like the style though. As someone else said it was supposed to be cross between a bays & elkington. Ha! neither of them are going to fall apart! If alexa existed in black or oak nvt with brass hardware, & well made (stitching etc) I could seriously be tempted. At the moment though I am keeping away.
  2. my regular oak alexa is under a week old and i am seriously worried by all the nagative comments. Can the leather really be so shockingly cheap!!!!!!

  3. no, i don't think its luck )altho im pleased you love your bag!)
    when i took my Oak Alexa out w me, even the SA who works in my local High St fashion store - who loves Mulberry and has a Roxanne - felt the leather and said she was glad she didn't have one cos it looked like pleather; but that was Oak and maybe i was unlucky with the batch of leather... i've seriously bought bags from TK Maxx on sale , no-big brands - and the leather on those felt better than on my particular Alexa....
    the other day i saw a lady in my town w an oversized Black Alexa, and the leather looked much more rigid and a better quality... on my Oak Alexa i didn't like the way the poppers made the leather around the poppers pull when it was done up and carried (either cross body or in the hand) - it always felt like it might tear. i don't overstuff my bags but didn't like that design...
    i think part of the problem too is its soo hard to compare Darwin and Buffalo - its just not the same thing at all, and i guess once you have been used to a workhorse Darwin bag anthing else is bound to feel flimsier....
  4. Mulberry did produce a very good leather - thin NVT used for Joelles and Roxanne Totes.
    This leather would have been an ideal choice for Alexas. However, a cheap Buffalo was chosen instead, surprise, surprise.
    This thin NVT is a lot thinner and softer than Darwin, however, it feels amazing and substantial enough for use.
  5. :tdown:I am seriously thinking of getting rid. Am scared to keep her. She does look cheap, no doubt about it. I should have gone for quality over colour and the black is the one that everyone seems happy about
  6. I'm so sad but oh so glad that I stumbled on this thread. So thanks to everyone cause I was seriously going to buy an Alexa this April..... Now I've been wanting it for ages so it just really 'angers' me. I'm even considering whether I should buy a Mulberry or just go for another brand! I mean if they can use cheap leather like this it just means they have no respect for their customers really... Ugh! Well I still have a soft spot for Bayswater... Can't decide whether to take it in 'Oak natural leather' or 'Oak Printed leather'. What do you guys think? And oh does it have the same problem as the Alexa? I wanna have a durable bag that doesnt scrach easily or looses it's shape..

    Thank you lots lovelies!
  7. No, you're not alone! I've had the same experience with mine, although mine is a smoothy and not a wrinkly. Nice, thick leather and virtually indestructible.
    My plum ones seems to have thinner leather and thereby shows a few more wrinkles, but none of them had any quality issues. Very happy with both and I wouldn't hesitate adding a third Alexa to the family.
  8. my black regular and OS get used and abused regularly as they are main work bags and there is no problem with the leather at all- have been caught out in heavy rain and not a mark
  9. my oakie is soft and squishy and lovely and wrinkly and I have no problems with her either- though wouldnt want to test her in the rain so she is sunny days only
  10. I was going to get an Alexa in suede leopard with my vouchers, but I have decided against that and bought 2 more classic bags instead. That was yesterday, and I still don't regret it! I am happy with my Nude Plonge alexa clutch, but think I will leave it at that.
  11. Both Printed Bays and Oak bays are beautiful and equally good at wearing. Be careful, as you might want to have both eventually (confession).
  12. I have printed oak bays. Tbh i hardly ever use her. She is beautiful but just too heavy for me. She is very structured and so i always feel very overdone when i use her. She is much hardier than an nvt oak. She wont give much or go floppy.
  13. hey all, i got my alexa oak a week ago. after a few uses, i noticed the glue finishing came off & at the same time i realised the stitching at the side of the bag was torn!! i was very disappointed as this bag as it is not cheap!

    so i went back to the boutique for an exchange. went through so many bags & still can't find the perfect alexa! i must agree that the leather has got different variations. some are very wrinkled & some smooth. also, after inspecting so many bags, i realised there are two types of the front buckle, one is shiny & the other matte. just fyi.

    the boutique assistant then suggested to me to exchange to the small bays snakeskin since i wasn't able to find the right alexa.

    anybody has got the bays snakeskin? what are your thoughts on the quality? better than alexa oak? please advise. thanks!
  14. Oh my zefin :sad: I'm so in-love with Oak Alexa. But after readin ur post I rethinking my plan on buying an Alexa T_T this month
  15. It's not all bad news - I have three Alexas and have had no quality issues with any of them. Oak is the most inconsistent in terms of quality though. Of my three two are "stiffer" Oak Leopard and Mini Leopard. These bags have been in rain storms and snow storms with no after-effects at all. The Ink has been very well used over the last year and still looks good. Just choose your Alexa carefully.