VERY disappointed in Oak Alexa...

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  1. Hi all, I am a hard core Darwin person who has only recently begun to entertain nvt as an alternative!!
    However, yesterday I received a pre-loved reg Oak Alexa with quite lowish expectations having kept up to date with all the discussions over the last few months, and I have to say I am delighted with it! The leather, whilst obviously worlds apart from good old Darwin, is very soft, wrinkly and smooshy, the hardware is fine, and I think she is really pretty. I am going to use her as a fun, lightweight and hands-free messenger bag, and on days when I have more to cart around, I'll go back to a good old workhorse Bays or Roxy. I don't think she would be comfortable when overloaded as the shoulder strap is thin, but I don't think it was designed to be used like that anyway.
    If my prehistoric attitudes can be changed, then it can't be all bad!!! :flowers:
  2. Congratulations - you must be pleasantly surprised in liking leather other than darwin! A good alexa is imo lovely, a great bag to carry not to heavy things in and really stylish. The only trouble now is that you will find it hard to go back to your old heavy bags ;)
  3. Thankyou Anna and yes you are right about going back to the others! Alexa actually has put a little spring in my step :love:
  4. Kaybee, glad you found love... :smile: Congrats!!
  5. Thanks ratrat!
    Apologies to pseub who started this thread re her disappointment in her Alexa...I seem to have hijacked it with an opposite experience.
    Just hope Korzinka doesn't come in and give me a slap (!) :sweatdrop:

    (Thats a litle joke Korzinka, because I love reading your straight talking posts!) :salute:
  6. Slap-slap, you naughty girl!!! :P:P:P
  7. Love it! Was so hoping for a Slap!!! :noggin:
  8. Oh dear, I wish I found this forum before buying my Alexa! :sad:

    Now I'm starting to feel I should have trusted my first instinct about the leather. Which is a terrible shame, because I am in love with the look of my Lexie :cry: Plus I've waited SO LONG for it.

    I'm gonna think about it again for the next few days. I might swap for a Bayswater. The SA is not going to like this, because I've done this before. I might go for a chocolate Bayswater or a chocolate printed Bayswater which was meant to be my next purchase..... :graucho:
  9. Has anyone had problems with getting confirmation or credit upon returning a purchase? I followed the instructions for returning my bag, have confirmation that it was delivered back to the NY store (where I was instructed to return it) last week, but I have yet to get any kind of confirmation of the return or refund. I've called the customer service number twice, and twice they've taken my information and promised to call me back, but haven't. Should I call the NY store directly?
  10. i had 2 Alexas and sold both on. the Oak one was def authentic from Mulberry - came w original owner receipt, store cards etc but to me the leather did feel rather cheap and like synthetic, like it had a coating on it....i only wore it a handful of times with black (pre-washed) leggings but even then the corners seemed to get colour transfer really really easily and the leather seemed to pick up scratches too.... i also had a peony leaopard one where the leather felt a lot more substantial and hard wearing than the oak....
    i sold both and have gone back to a vintage Tyler and a Knightsbridge as daily chuck around Mulberry bags - all my other day bags are Hermes or Belen Echandia and TBH was soo disappointed w my Alexa as i'd lusted after it for ages.... in the past ive had Bayswaters and Roxannes and emmys and Alanas and altho the downside is the weight just LOVE the way they are so damn hardy..
    maybe i was just unlucky with my Alexa and hope others have better experiences, but for the price felt the quality was missing.
  11. I have returned item to Mulberry here and not had any problems. Sometimes it takes a little longer after they receive it to send you confirmation but I can not answer fro NY stores.;)
  12. the oak alexas seem to be rather hit and miss. some have lovely leather on them, where as others have shinny plastically leather!
  13. Totally agree with mulberry going cheap. I wanted to have an alexa cos it was supposed to be iconic bag.... got oak alexa for xmas she lasted 2 days (only 3hrs 25 mins in total) and one of leather loops that the buckle straps came loose, obv had never been stitched prop in the first place. They had the cheek to offer a repair initially!! Only good thing to come out of it was they let me exchange for watermelon which was the colour i origanally wanted, but they didnt have at the time. Also my sis-in-law purse she got for her birthday 26th dec just broke last week- popper popped right off. Its off for repair even tho she spent most of jan in hospital and had only used for about month. If it had been from river island, next etc..she would have got a refund or replacement easily. Really can see my loyalty slipping away or i maybe i'll go down the preloved road. As my roxy darwin is indestructable.
  14. T_T I am due to Hong Kong this March 18 to visit Mulberry
    perhaps I should kill my dream on having a Alexa. Too much negative review.
    So sad...
  15. My black OS Alexa is ten months old. I use her every single day, sometimes carry heavy things in her, take her out in all weathers and she still looks fabulous. The leather is wrinkly, but unscratched and buttery soft. I have treated her with conditioning creams on a couple of occasions but am not overly careful with her. Despite that, I have experienced no problems whatsoever. Am i just incredibly lucky?