VERY disappointed in Oak Alexa...

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  1. I agree with you. I adore NVT and Darwin Oak, but Buffalo Oak has an off-putting pleather appearance, IMHO. I confess I prefer the Black Alexa, although to me the bag just doesn't scream quality craftsmanship like my Bays, Roxy, Seth or even my very patina-ed Euston.
  2. I love the look of the oak alexa but it is it's tendancy to pick up colour transfer from clothes that puts me off. It is a ***** for sucking up denim. Shame as it always looks fab everytime i see it on someone xx
  3. I am so sorry to hear about this ongoing problem.

    At the start of the year I had a most disappointing expereince when i ordered an OS oak alexa and it arrived looking like pleather and plasticky. When i shared my thoughts and bitter furstration on here i was is a relief to hear all of you being able to voice your disappointments here without fear, but it still makes me very sad that such a long awaited bag should be so inferior in quality.
  4. Aww I'm so sorry to hear. I really like the Alexa style, and was long admiring it too...
  5. I was looking at my leather cushions in the living room (bought on sale for £19 each from a well known Furniture store), and suddenly felt - the leather looks so familiar...
    Alexa! Oak Buffalo! Exactly the same leather, texture, colour, wrinkling patterns...
    I unzipped one cushion - leather is about 1mm thick, and even in the wrinkliest places is quite durable, however, on the opposite side of the wrinkly patches of leather the suede is fluffier. It is definitely a top split (not a full hide), but in 5 years the cushions were fine, no damage. Wrinkly areas became noticeable when cushions were subjected to some heat near radiators. (is Alexa's wrinkly leather heat-induced?)
    Overall, it gave me more confidence in alexa's leather, but still it feels like the leather came from exactly the same Chinese factory as my £19, RRP£50 cushions...
  6. I'm so sorry you're not happy with your Alexa:sad: Maybe you can choose the leather? I mean, we used to do that when ordering from Balenciaga - we make requests like thick and wrinkly, semi-distressed, glossy and smooth, etc etc. Then they would send us pictures prior to shipping it. Would that work?

    I have to agree with chloe-babe though, I just got my Alexa Grape a month ago and I could never be happier! The leather is very thick and chewy and I could tell right away that it's a hardy bag as compared to Balenciagas. It's not thin and plastic-like as some of you have been describing. I am very happy with it and considered getting another one in Oak, but hearing most complains about the "cheap" leather are based on Oaks, I'm having doubts about it. But there are really good Alexa Oaks out there right?
  7. I was with you from the start! I straight away felt Alexa oak was a kind of "con"
  8. Just got my new Oversized Oak Alexa yesterday, and was really really happy..... until I read about your worries about leather ripping, etc. I've not used it yet, but am now wondering if I should return it. The leather does seem thinner that my Knightsbridge. What should I do? :confused1:
  9. You can well be fine, and you have at least 5 months to wear the bag - if it starts falling apart, it will be deemed faulty from the start, by Sales of Goods act. You will be entitled to your refund. So use it and enjoy, if you like it now. Any problem - refund...;)
  10. Thats very interesting, I didnt realise that you could return it. Thankyou Korzinka. Im going to use my bag but if there are any problems will I have to return it to the original store where I bought it? ie Selfridges Manchester.
    thanks for your advice.
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  12. I feel your pain my dear.

    Personally, I made a difficult decision to re-home my oak Alexa because I am starting to have doubts about its wearability.

    First off.. I must state I am one who baby my bags, especially those I hanker for long enough : I never put heavy stuff in my Alexa, I always use a bag liner, I spray it with Collonil once every week dutifully for 4 times in a row, heck.. I even washed and iron the dustbag and always keep the bag stored in dustbag after use complete with a anti-moisture sachet. I think you get my point now..

    But after a few months.. I realise the sides of my Alexa baby have little bits of blackish stains... which was removable using babywipes... but it puzzled me since I took huge efforts to baby the bag. And then I find the thread sewing... they turned so furry like as if the bag is a 50yrs old true vintage and *horrors* the thread started coming loose from the bottom part of the bag.......

    And then I saw an ad from someone asking for a Alexa at a price I can't resist and so, I bit my lips and parted ways with my lexie baby. :cry:

    On a side note, I have been treating the patent ink Baywater like a workhorse and sometimes it get stuff so full with all my stuff and even braved the slight rain and .... everything is solved by simply wiping it with a clean cloth. This is what i called "Peace of Mind". :P

    And I think I shall hold out ... until Mulberry decides to work on a better material for Oak Alexa and then maybe one day my Lexie baby and I will meet again.;)
  13. Your contract is with Selfridges (London, Manchester, any). By Sales of Goods Act, if a fault develops within 6 months, it is up to the seller to prove that the fault was not there at the sale point. After 6 months - it is up to consumer to prove. Since a desaigner bag should work for years, any early faults are faults, not wear/tear.
    Your other option is to use Mulberry company guarantee of 12 months. They will repair or give you money vouchers, but they do not have to give you a refund.
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    Oh no! The Alexa Oak looks so pretty but if the leather is of inferior quality, I might as well save my money. I hope Mulberry does something about this. We're paying good money for their bags.
  15. I too was really really close to getting an alexa in oak but i thought i would hang back until i knew how well they would cope with everyday use.

    They haven't been around that long (just over a year maybe?) so we don't know how they'll look in 5 years time, at least with the classic bags like bays etc we know that they can last because they've been around for so long.

    Mulberry really need to up their game when it comes to the quality of the alexas, if they're having problems now then i dread to think of the state they'll be in in a few years time. It's all very well of them to say that their sales have rocketed because of the alexas but i can safely say that every disappointed customer that is let down by the alexa will be unlikely to ever buy a mulberry again.

    SORRY, RANT OVER! :smile: