VERY disappointed in Oak Alexa...

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  1. Just thinking out loud, with so many Alexa issues and countless of returns in store, shouldn't Mulberry do something about it ? I mean they need to start again, go back to their drawing board and come up with a solution or replace the buffalo leather with a similar yet high quality leather. Re- train their staff in bag making crafts so that there are less faults. At the end of the day, bad issues spread like wild fire with word of mouth !
  2. Totally agree.. why not use the same Bays leather, perhaps thinner to make the Alexa
  3. I went to the Mulberry store in Paris and asked the lady about the difference of leather between the Alexa and the Bayswater... It's not the same leather because the Alexa has a more "relaxed" look that needs a thin and soft leather, while the Bayswater is more 'corporate" and suits well with a thicker leather that won't bulge with time. I think that makes sense !
    But I agree the Alexa leather seems a little cheap, on the other side, the Bayswater is a quite heavy bag...
  4. Hard to do when they've outsourced so much of the Alexa production to China. Quality control becomes a lot more difficult.

    It will be the mark of a good brand if they respond to this matter in a constructive way, I think. Hopefully they realise the poor quality is detracting from the prestige and reputation of their brand (not to mention being unfair and frustrating to customers), and they do something to improve the situation. The alternative is a bit sad: to go on prioritising the maximisation of profits by continuing to outsource to Turkey and China in order to meet demand.

    I think other brands have opted to maintain the quality despite popularity and demand, which is why some popular bags often have enormous waitlists. Like the Céline luggage bags, which are hugely popular at the moment but you can rarely find one in a store to buy - they'll have a couple on display which are usually display-only, and you have to put your name down to get hold of one. This is presumably because the production of the bag in Italy can only go so fast. But if you walk into a Mulberry store or stockist, there's usually no shortage of Alexas because so many of them are produced - that's what outsourcing to China allows a company to do.

    So yeah, what happens regarding the Alexa manufacture in the near future will be a test of Mulberry's integrity and dedication to quality and consideration for their customers. I don't have high hopes, unfortunately...
  5. I still have no Alexa due to my quality fears. In fact last week I bought a Burberry satchel. I handle Alexas every so often when I go into town, but to be honest the more of them I see the more I feel many of them have a cheap look. I think the Bayswater looks like a far higher quality bag. But as others have said, it's probably best to handle as many as possible before buying, and even ask about the selection available in the store. I think it would also be a good idea to stuff the bag with your things while in the shop, as people sem to disagree about the Alexa shape when filled/unfilled.