VERY disappointed in Oak Alexa...

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  1. #1 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    My special package arrived today, and I was having fun taking "reveal" picures, until I pulled the bag out of the dustbag. The leather, while a pretty color, was such a disappointment! It looks so cheap!! :yucky: The cross-body strap especially looks and feels like something you'd find on a bag from Target (hey, maybe I got an advance version of the Mulberry for Target bags??).

    So back she's going. No reveal.

  2. What a shame, :nogood:maybe it would be worth having a look IRL at House of Fraser so you can see exactly what it looks and feels like. They seem to have a few in at the minute and look good.

    Strange though, as I ordered a somerset purse in oak not so long ago from and felt exactly the same about the leather. It looked a funny cheap colour and the leather didn't feel like the usual quality.:weird:

    It got sent back and I bought an Oak French purse at House of Fraser and love it.

    Maybe Mulberry are having them made too cheaply somewhere????:shame:
  3. I know what you mean Pseub. I have the Alexa in Oak and now I'm wishing I had sent it back. Its too late now. I have used it on a couple of occasions but the colour just isn't right. Also the leather seems really thin. I'm scared I'm going to rip it. It feels uncomfortable to wear and hurts my shoulder. Not sure what to do with it. I thought it would grow on me which is why I kept it.

    I think you've done the right thing if you feel this way. Have fun choosing a new bag that you love xxx
  4. Girls, you feel that the leather is cheap, because it IS cheap! Trust your judgement! We are all quite experienced in feeling the quality of leather! And we have right instincts!
    We just cannot believe how Mulberry cold have taken so many people for a ride by selling a cheap-leather bag as MUST HAVE.

    When I was 4, some nasty girl in my nursery said to me "would you like a chewing gum"? (it was a treasure that time for us little things) . I was thrilled! She gave me an object... it was hard and looked like a button... with two holes in the middle... It did not seem chewable... I thought... what a strange chewing gum, why does it look like a button... for a long time afterwards I was not sure, it it was a gum or a button... I could not believe that that girl would have been so nasty as to offer a button pretending that she offers a treasure chewing gum...
    You know what, ladies, now I know for sure: IT WAS A BUTTON!!!!!!!!
  5. :heart::heart::lolots::goodpost:

    You are priceless, Korzinka! I can relate to the sometimes bad quality on the Alexa bags. I still have mine, but I dont use her that much...because I really dont like the leather on mine either. My first Alexa was gorgeously thick and grainy (the way I want them to be) But I had to return it as it wasnt as good as it looked. Now I have a "good quality" bag, in terms of the fact that it has not been damaged in any way...but it just doesnt look right :sad: I'd say youre doing the right thing returning her.
  6. And it really does seem that it is the oak that is suffering most, this is incredible as surely this is the most classic colour and the one bag that should be bought to last for a very long time ?

    I have ink, and the leather is beautiful so this is not a problem right through the range but too many people now have complained about oak for it to be co incidence, it must be in superior leather. Min spend , max profit sadly.
  7. When the alexa was launched they said it was based on parts of the elkington and the bayswater. Both of those bags as we know are made of great natural leather; It's such a shame they didn't follow suit with the alexa I don't think they'd have half the problems.

    Pseub I think you're right to return it, you want a bag you love and that looks gorgeous :smile:
  8. I think, eventually there should be a recall of oak Alexas and redesign in thin NVT.
  9. I can add to the dissappointed commets about the quality, having bought mine in Selfridges Manchester......I love the design and shope of it though, and use it when I go to town. Has anyone actually had a problem with it falling apart? I usually carry a lot in a bag but am a bit worried about it ripping in places where it pulls, ie, straps etc.
  10. U should def return or sell it and spend the money on a nice bag. It's sad that mulberry is charging so much for this bag even though the quality is something like a bag below 100£ has..
  11. Thanks, everyone for commiserating. I was just so shocked at the leather. I've seen Bayswaters this color and the leather is so gorgeous. :shrugs:
  12. Sorry to read this, Mulberry should pay ABSOLUTELY PARTICULAR ATTENTION to OAK, because it should be Mulberry OAK!!! That what people expect! Do you hear us!???
  13. I didn't like the oak Alexa's I saw in Mulberry last year. I agree the leather looks cheap. I liked the black and ink Alexa's however but personally I'm sticking with my darwin/ NVT beauties!!!!
  14. ITA. Ratrat. In general Oak is way behind the other shades, although I once saw a non shiny wrinkled cracker in Edinburgh. Only Pebbled Oak seems to come near NVT/Darwin IMO. Buffalo and Spongy struggle.

    As Korzinka said Light NVT (like the Roxy tote) might be an option.
    I got an NVT wallet last month and have loved watching it patinate. The ladies with Oak Alexas seem to be waiting for them to discolour or fall apart.

  15. :biggrin: Your chewing gum-story really made me laugh!!!

    But on the serious side, I do however feel very sorry for everyone who is disappointed in this bag. I don't own one myself, but I've seen it in the store. I loved the design, but wasn't sure (like many of you) about the leather. Unfortunately this bag is better in the pics than in real I guess :sad: