Very delayed shipment from HGBags

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  1. OMG. It is awful. The bags take FOREVER. When you ask, she just blames it on customs. The only reason I gave her extra chances was admittedly the "lure of a deal" plus I had gift certificates to use. Never again. No matter what it is.
  2. I am nervous now . I hope my latest order will be fulfilled soon she even promised the arrival day if not she willing to full refund - (have her email as proof) . BUT , she still not refund the whatever promo going on , instant $100 cash back after bought her item . I just ignore this $100 back until my bag arrive now and go from there. I hate excuses too, it’s better to be honest than making so many excuses and not responding emails in timely manner.
  3. I have purchased 5 or 6 bags from Erica this year, 3 of which were held up for a significant amount of time, and while it was frustrating at times, I held the faith that she would come through or refund worst-case scenario. All but a couple have been delivered and the only outstanding ones were just ordered, so I don't expect to have them yet. I do know that Erica's reputation is very important to her and I also think she was just as frustrated, if not more so. I know some things are beyond her control. I believe this was a learning experience and if a large order gets held up again, she will send more unprompted updates.

    In nearly 11 years I have not been let down by hgbags and I would not be able to afford as many bags if I had to pay retail + tax. So I, for one, appreciate this option to buy lovely bags. This might sound like an ad of sorts but I just wanted to throw out my perspective and hey, if you can easily afford retail bags then I could totally understand why you wouldn't want to deal with waiting or any unknowns. To me it came down to a) she will never run off with my money and b) if she had told me upfront there would be a long wait, I'd most likely still have purchased and waited. But that is just me and I can understand why other's mileage may vary.
  4. I agree @littlerock .. gosh, I remember buying a good majority of my Balenciaga collection from Erica and she has always been great. Look folks, not many sites allow you to buy these bags at less than retail and while I certainly understand that waiting a few months is not ideal, give Erica a chance. In all the years that I have dealt with her, she has never let me down! Also remember, that as a small business, you either have to take out a small business loan to purchase the merchandise -or- charge the consumer. See, the problem is that if you take out a business loan (been there, done that) and get the merchandise and then folks back out on an order (I do bespoke Jewelry) .. guess what? .. you're left with the merchandise but you still have to pay the $$$. Just keep that in mind; she is not a high-end retail store, but then again .. you are not paying the high-end retail store prices!!
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