Very delayed shipment from HGBags

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  1. Interesting thread. I have not ordered from Hgbags in a while but I noticed recently the site requires you to login before you can browse. I found that kind of strange. Thanks for the warning everyone.
  2. I won't do business with any site that doesn't let me browse without having to disclose my personal information. My "back button" gets lots of use when I see those sites!
  3. I’ve had the same exact experience. I just recently requested a refund bc I’ve waited 5 1/2 months for the Gucci camera bag. I paid with a credit card. She said the same to me for months that the bags are coming, to wait a little longer etc. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer bc I’m going away for the summer. She said she processed the refund, but I still haven’t seen it yet. She said it’ll take 7-14 days which I’ve never heard of. Refund to your card usually takes 2-3 days in my experience. On top of that, the amount she said she’ll refund me isn’t even the correct amount. It’s only $4 short but still!
  4. So no bag after almost 6 months? Like I said I wonder if there is even any bag to begin with.
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  5. Aren't you already past the time you could open a credit card dispute?
  6. I don't know how she stays in business, why people are waiting so long and why some of you keep going back to her!
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  7. I had one of my biggest SNAD disappointments from this seller. I bought because of all the favourable older posts, on the recommendation from posters here who had bought from the seller before. Was very surprised because I had very high expectations. This was a bit before all of these negative posts.

    Also, I'm a sucker (and eternal optimist ) for a certain brand that can only be found pre-owned now, when described by sellers as in "like new" and pristine condition :amuse:
  8. HG bags is using all the prepaid purchases as a function of their overall working capital to stay in biz. I called it out here before several months ago but the mods removed it. No reason whatsoever for a business to take your money and hold it for nearly 6 months without shipping, it simply means they never had it in stock nor would they ever be in line to stock it. Similar to a Ponzi scheme which always fall apart when everyone takes their money back at the same time without giving new deposits a chance to realize. Dept stores operate pre-orders differently, they don’t take payments until the items get shipped otherwise they’d be accused of accounting fraud/impropriety.
  9. I’m glad you finally got your offer of a refund, but I don’t understand why you waited so long. I hope the cash comes through as promised.
    There’s no way I’d shop with this seller, absolutely no way.
  10. Gosh .. it just pains me to see this as I know Erica (and have for some time), and used to buy a lot of Balenciaga bags from her (I see that she doesn't seem to stock 'new' Balenciaga bags anymore - just the 'pre-owned'). I also noticed that the site requires "Billing Information" .. huh?!?! .. WTF????? Why would that be required information if you just want to browse the site??? Given my prior Financial Services job -and- the fact that I have had my credit card information stolen too many times, there is NO WAY that I ever put in Credit Card information unless I know 100% that the data store and the process is 100% SECURE!!!! Alas, I'm not into the other brands that are sold on the site, so there will be no business from me ...
  11. I don’t know if that last statement holds true. BG charges beforehand for CHANEL preorders. I’ve even had them charge me, wait 3 months, complained about where my bag was since the season was almost over, to only have them tell me that CHANEL did not fulfill all orders so there wasn’t enough for everyone. I eventually got my refund back but still...
  12. That is awful for you!
    On the other hand, you have legs to stand on being BG/NM. Erica just seems to be not a big enough to secure these same safety nets.
  13. I really hesitate to say anything negative as I have bought many bags from Erica in the past with no issues but...
    I bought a bag from HG in March and finally got in May. I am happy with the bag and the price was right, but the wait was too long. She was good about getting back to me right away when I contacted her for updates (although I agree with previous posts that she should be contacting her clients to tell them why their purchases aren't being shipped when expected). At one point I was given a tracking number, but when I contacted her when there was no change to the delivery status for a week, I was told that the bag actually hadn't even been received by HG yet, let alone shipped to me. Ummmm....don't really know what to say about that. :confused1:

    I do believe that she has delays beyond her control from her source and/or customs, but if she would just stop pre-selling the items and only have them available for sale when they are in her possession and NOT BEFORE, it would solve all the complaints she has been getting lately! It's such an easy solution that there must be a reason why she isn't doing that, and that worries me!
  14. I just don't understand why she can't pad the estimated arrival date. I think it's clear now that nearly all her items are arriving much later then expects for several months now. It's unethical in my opinion.
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  15. Used to buy many bags from her during bbag craze in the past, But my Gucci marmont experience was horrible early this year, she did refund after tons my email that she ignored , now still have little faith on her and give one more
    last chance with Celine , let’s see how it goes....