Very delayed shipment from HGBags

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  1. If you paid for "goods and services" rather than family and friends, you should file for non-receipt. Paypal gives 180 days so you're certainly within the timeframe for getting your money back.

    Even if she asks you to wait, I'd decline and insist on the refund.
  2. I have and I believe the other two posters before me (OP and another member) asked for an order cancellation due to very delay shipments.
  3. What bag did you order? I want to get the Gucci marmont flap but don’t want to wait that long.

  4. I didn't order a bag - I ordered a pair of shoes (Dior slingback flats in red velvet). Tracking says they will be out for delivery tomorrow. The whole process from start to finish has been just over 5 weeks.
  5. I stopped ordering from Hgbags after a huge delay in a pre-order item. Like, over 3 months if I remember correctly. It’s been awhile, my memory is fuzzy. I waited months for my bag! After that I vowed never to buy a pre-order again. And then I just stopped buying altogether as the prices on Farfetch during sale season are lower than her prices. Like, I got a small black Givenchy Pandora for $760 and medium black for $870, from Farfetch during their VIP sale.
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  7. Another longtime hgbags customer here reporting a long delay on my preorder Gucci bag. It’s been a really disappointing process and I feel like I should have heeded the warnings of other members on this thread.
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  8. Also wanted to add that I had recommended hgbags to a coworker based on past experiences with Erica. She keeps asking me whether my bag has arrived and she’s glad she waited to make the purchase.
  9. Has anyone bought a Gucci Marmont recently? I purchased one in mid Feb and each month she’ll say it’s shipping soon. I just don’t know how much longer I’ll have to wait for it.
  10. After reading this thread, I wonder if I will see a refund... Unless I file a paypal claim?

    Only, in my situation, I ordered a pair of shoes about a week ago, which after a few days, she let me know was out of stock after I paid. However, my emails asking for a refund have been unanswered...

    But, how long should I wait before filing a claim?
  11. That is an incredibly long wait time. I think her estimated ship time is only about 2 months out tops? I would have filed for a refund about 2 weeks after her estimated ship time. I would not allow someone to take my money and leave me hanging like that.
  12. I would send one more email inquiring about it and give it a couple of days. If there is no response then, I'd go ahead and file for a refund. That is an incredibly unprofessional way of doing business.
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  13. Thank you for your advice! I felt bad in having the thought of filing a claim, since I also had good experience with her in the past and even my other 2 recent bag orders from her, which were shipped super fast!
    I can't believe she has turned "sour"... So sad!
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    As soon as my last email asking for a refund and stating "Otherwise, I will have to file a Paypal dispute" was included in the email, I was refunded ASAP and my gift card was reissued. But after this experience will never buy from her again.
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  15. Than
    Thanks for that. I'm going to ask for a refund today. It's been 4 months and even getting it at such a good price is no longer worth the wait. Two weeks ago, she said she said the shipment was on it's way and to give her even more time. I too can't believe this has gone sour as I've bought from her before and didn't have issues.