Very delayed shipment from HGBags

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  1. I think what the seller means is that her paypal BALANCE is negative, probably because she had already withdrawn the funds and there was a zero balance. So once a dispute is filed, the balance is a debit to her account for the amount of the dispute.

    And I agree; that's the way it should be!
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  2. Personally, I feel it is dishonest to withdraw the money until you have completed the service. I never withdraw my paypal money until at least a week after my buyer has received the item or left positive feedback, so I know there won't be any returns. That's even though I have funds now activated.
  3. I’m in the same boat too, I made my purchase back in December and I’ve been following up with Erica ever since. This week, she told me that she should get her shipment next week, but she’ll be on vacation. She promised to ship first thing the following Monday. I guess I’ll have to wait... :sad:
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  4. I did the same when I sold on eBay or Tradesy. But they are a company. Because of transactions there should always be funds on the Paypal account unless the funds are withdrawn as soon as a transaction is made. It made me quite uneasy knowing that there is no cash flow in their Paypal account as a business.

    An update: Erica has agreed to refund me on Friday, but wanted me to close the case. I told her I would do so once the refund is issued. Thank you guys for the advice. I will update again once I receive the refund.

  5. This was her exact wording in the email: "It hurts my PayPal rating and they freeze my money". I was wondering the same. Paypal doesn't have ratings. Again Customs were probably never shut down. Hope you get what I mean.
  6. Customs was never shut down. I got a bag from Japan during the government shutdown. It didn't take any longer than normal. In fact, it was very fast, as usual, less than a week from the order date.
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  7. Hmm that’s not on. She should be truthful and I think the onus should be the business to keep you updated instead of leaving you to contact them. You’re doing the right thing. In your position (and given what’s gone before) I wouldn’t feel confident of a refund appearing on Friday, without PayPal’s claims process to back you up, so don’t cancel it. This sounds like a cashflow problem unfortunately, but it’s not your problem.
  8. And if the refund is as an echeck, don't close until the check clears.
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  9. Definately sounds like a cashflow problem to me. Sounds like she’s taking loans from people. She should at the least give you all a discount for the long wait. I’ve personally ordered things from all around the world for the last few months and had zero issues with customs.
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  10. I'm not sure I agree.

    Paypal users have 180 days to file a dispute and I'm certainly not going to let my money sit for 6 months waiting for the possibility of a dispute.

    If I withdraw my money and have a subsequent dispute for which I have to issue a refund, it's easy enough for me to return the funds from my own account if necessary.
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  11. Yup...ordered a coat that came from Italy and received it within 1 week this past December. She’s flat out lying about the “delays” on the European end.
  12. That's why I don't believe the bag is on the way and insisted on getting a refund. The worse case scenario is that there may not be any bag to begin with.
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  13. IMO, she's been lying all along.

    There's no way a seller (especially an experienced one) is going to issue a refund for an item that's (supposedly) in transit!
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  14. What the heck is going on with her company lately?! How do you go from being on the TPF Trusted Seller list to THIS. I'm baffled.
  15. Exactly. SMH...I think I'm going to ask for a refund asap after reading all of this.