Very delayed shipment from HGBags

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  1. I have purchased quite a few bags and pairs of shoes from them and the experiences were always pleasant until most recently. I purchased (pre-ordered I guess) a bag from them in mid November. Their website said the bag will be shipped in December. I emailed them in December, and was told the bag won't be shipped until after the holidays. I emailed again in early January, and was told it should be shipped in 10-14 days. A few days ago I learned that a tPFer also had a similar experience, and decided to email them to cancel the transaction. I was told that the delay was caused by government shutdown because the customs were affected, and was advised to "wait a bit longer". However, what I found from the Internet was that the customs were operating normally during the shutdown. I am pretty fed up now. Should I file for a paypal claim since I paid with paypal? Any advice is appreciated.
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  2. Personally, I would give it a bit more time. If you like the bag and got it at a good price, I think you will eventually get it. As you said so yourself, you have always had a pleasant experience. I, too, have purchased from hgbags and have never had a problem. I know it is frustrating, but I believe that the owner will make it right for you without you having to file a claim. I'm not sure who you spoke with, but maybe you should call back and ask to speak with Erica, the owner, if you have not done so already.
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  3. My sister is on the same boat. She's really update and the discount isn't even that big. I wonder if they are having financial issues.. Might be better to ask for your money back,.
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  4. I would request a refund and if you get no resolution, then file a claim. That is not acceptable.
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  5. I would file the paypal claim. You don't want to wait too long because then you won't be able to file a claim at all. It's already been 3 months.
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  6. Thanks. Just started the process through PayPal.
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  7. I am wondering about that too since my case is not just an isolated incident.
  8. Oh jeez...I didn't know there was a 3-month limit with Paypal! I'm on the same boat as Catash...Had flawless transactions with Erica in the past but this past year, it's been bad. Ordered Chanel espadrilles that mysteriously never appeared after months of waiting. Finally, I guess she got sick of me and offered a refund. Ordered a pair of Gucci loafers that took over a month to get to me before that.
    I thought I'd be done with HGBags after those 2 incidents but STUPID ME couldn't pass up a huge discount on a pair of Gucci sneakers and pulled the trigger again. I ordered on January 12th and I keep getting excuses that the delays are on the European end (same excuse used for the last 2 transactions).
    I'm waiting till the end of the month then filing a Paypal claim if needed. This is ridiculous. I know of another fashion blogger/vlogger that had similar experiences last year so I'm stumped as to how one can go from flawless to unreliable in one year.
  9. 180 days - ~6 months for PP.
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  10. I think the problem is a lot of her stock are preorders which are sourced overseas, while in the past she may have had stock on hand.
  11. Will need advice from you guys. I started the PayPal process yesterday, but Erica emailed me today and urged me to close the claim. She said the bag is currently clearing the customs and she can send me the tracking on Friday. She said that her PayPal account got a negative. It hurt her ratings and PayPal froze her money. I am worried that if I close the claim, I may not be able to reopen it. Honestly, after going through all this, I really don't care about the bag any more. If I want it, I'd rather pay a bit more and get it from a boutique. Again, your advice is always greatly appreciated.
  12. I’d worry about you tbh. You’ve had to do all the pursuing of updates and have been disappointed, you’ve been more than patient imo. Protect yourself.
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  13. I've never done business with the company but IMO, this is ridiculous. All she'd had to do was keep you updated all along the way. Yet you heard nothing until you waited patiently and finally filed a dispute.

    Do NOT close the dispute. I think if you close the claim, you can't reopen.

    If as she says, the bag is clearing customs, then there would already be a tracking number and you could follow it. Why make you wait another 2 days for the number? Why has it been 3 months since you last heard from her? And at this point, even if she gave you the tracking number, how sure are you that it's the correct one for your item?

    If her Paypal account is frozen, that's because yours isn't the first dispute opened recently.

    Tell her you can't close the dispute until you either get the item or the refund. As a business person, she should understand why you need to protect yourself.
  14. I am trying to keep all my communications re: the transaction through PayPal. I don't know why they are so reluctant to refund me if the merchandise cannot arrive within a reasonable time. I am sticking with a refund because I am tired of having to deal with them. Shopping is an experience, not just for the merchandise. If the experience is so unpleasant, I am not sure I will enjoy the bag much when I get it.

    Thanks BeenBurned. You have always been helpful in this subforum.
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  15. Don't close the claim. Once you close it, you can't open it again. Once you get the item, then you can close the claim. She has to respond to the claim, showing the tracking. There is no such thing as a negative in paypal. There are no paypal ratings. Paypal probably did freeze her money if she didn't activate funds now. That is how it should be. The only part of paypal that is frozen is the amount of your purchase, so the money will be there to refund you if necessary.