Very Damaged Hair

  1. I would try Redken Smooth down products....they also make a product called Anti-Snap that you put in after you get out of the shower to help revent hair breakage. You can go to Redkens web site to learn more about the products!
  2. I would recommend trying Enjoy Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner. I would also use Enjoy Hair Mask a couple times per week until you see some improvement to your hair and then back off to once per week. This is a line I use and love! I'd also recommend using Moroccan Oil in conjunction with the Enjoy products.

    I recommended this regimen to one of my best friends and her hair is in fantastic condition now! Her hair was awful! It looked like straw, was dry and coarse, and she had a ton of breakage. Now her hair has never been in better condition!
  3. Aveda Dry Remedy! You can get a free sample from their store. It works wonders.

    Also, don't wash your hair everyday. Thats a big one!! You need to let your natural oils take care of your hair and over washing can strip the oils out of it causing it to be dry and frizzy. Try just washing every two or three days. You can use baby powder to help if your hair looks greasy. Also, you can shower and get your hair wet and condition it, but do not shampoo it.
  4. My hair is also prone to dryness and frizziness, especially in the winter. There are a lot of things besides products that help me.

    *As others have said, try washing less frequently.
    *Use lukewarm water to wash. In warm weather use cool or cold water. Heat makes the "scales" on your hair stand out and makes your hair look frizzy.
    *Blot your wet hair with a towel, never rub it.
    *After washing comb out your hair with a lift comb with teeth widely spaced.
    Put a little leave-in conditioner along with a defriz product in your palm and mix. I press the mix onto my head in several places and then I use my fingers to comb through. Then I use the lift comb to distribute more evenly.
    *Use no heat on your hair, not even a blow dryer. I wash my hair at night and let it air dry overnight.
    *In the morning, I mist my hair with a little water then scrunch and twirl it.

    I like the Nioxin conditioners but I'm going to try some of the products mentioned in this thread.

    Never go outside with wet hair if the weather is freezing. Your hair will break. Perhaps that is why you are getting breakage near your hairline.

    I dye my hair myself. With my permanent color, I use a #10 developer instead the usual #20. I let it sit 40 minutes.

    #10 is less harsh on hair. Plus you don't get that "undyed roots" look as severely. The color just fades a bit so your roots blend in better. I dye my roots twice a month.
  5. I had the same problem. I tried the Fekkai line and hated it! Ojon, Kerastase and the Redken All Soft line are great. They are regularly in my rotation now and my hair is much better.
  6. redken anti snap is a great leave in...i actually combine it with my bumble & bumble leave in (rinse out) and a drop of deep (protein restructuring masque) and it works like a charm!

    i also recently swapped to organix shampoo (it cost me about £4.80 and is around the same in dollars in most drug stores) and it is WONDERFUL! i am using the restructuring one with egg whites and such and i am really pleased with the results - plus it's so cheap!!

    also bumble & bumble have a hair masque...creme de cacao and i also like that. i put a dab in with my normal conditioner (since i started colouring my hair myself it needs a lot of extra help)
  7. I was at the hair dresser today and he suggested I get a thermal conditioning treatment. I color/hilite my hair every 6 weeks and flat iron it probably 4 times/week.
    Has anyone done this treatment? It consist on some deep conditioner then they foil it and iron it. Supposed to last for 3 months.

  8. where do you buy this moroccan oil?
  9. I tried Ojon & I thought it was completely disgusting. I wouldn't put it on my hair again if someone paid me to use it. That said, I don't think damage on the ends of hair can truly be reversed w/ products. I think the best thing is to just cut off the fried ends & start over.

    Washing less often definitely helps. It's the absolute best thing you can do for your hair! Also, a deep conditioner will help. I leave it on my ends for ~5 minutes everytime I wash my hair. My favorites are Aussie 3 Minute Miracle & Ion brand in the purple tube from Sallys. Both are under $5, but work better than most salon brands IMO. I also use Moroccan oil before & after I blow dry.
  10. I'm pretty sure what you mentioned is what I had done. I have fine hair, but a decent amount of it and have it highlighted (or colored in some way) about every 7-8 weeks. I got this done and I liked it, but it isn't necessarily something I would get done again. (I'm wondering if part of that is bc I deep condition my hair a lot and don't flatiron it--it's stick straight--so maybe it wasn't for my hair type.) When I got it done it was about $375 and the cost didn't bother me as much as not being able to wash my hair for 3 whole days. You also can't really put it up, behind your ears, or anything bc you can't get any kinks in it. If you do you have to flatiron them out but you can't do that on particularly large sections of hair and you don't want to do it too often. My one friend has jet black hair that she gets colored every 3 weeks and flatirons daily, it's pretty damaged, and she got this done and loves it. I guess it's different for each person. Sorry I know that response was all over the place,just my two cents, let me know if you have any specific questions.
  11. I'm not a hair expert but I've been battling with dry, damaged hair most of my life. I would recommend you see a good hair stylist first of all and get a hair consultation. From what I know there are 2 types of hair treatments, (1) moisturizing and (2) protein. It depends which type your hair needs. My hair for instance, is very dry but strong, so I need moisturizing and not protein treatments.

    I've also always used Kerastase products recommended for my hairtype by my stylist. I use Bain De Force Shampoo for sensitised hair, and then I follow up with conditioner (I usu use a masque as a conditioner) from the same line or the Oleo Relax line (but then again, this is for my hair type). Every once a week I do an in-home moisturizing Tx, and every once a month I see my stylist for a salon treatment. HTH!
  12. ^^yes, too much protein will actually break your hair. Most people should use moisturizing all week and a weekly/monthly protein treatment.
    Damage can't be undone, but the right products CAN make it more manageable.
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    My hair was extremely damaged and suffering from breakage due to my habits - coloring and daily heat styling. I had it cut shorter (super cute pixie) to remove the majority of damage, stopped all heat styling whatsoever (I don't even blowdry now), and stopped using permanent color and went to a more gentle temporary color. Other things that helped me tremendously were switching to a sulfate-free shampoo (currently using L'Oreal Everpure line - love it!), and doing a protein treatment every 4-6 weeks to stop breakage. I like Aphogee 2-step - you can get it at Sally Beauty, $3 for 1 treatment. It stinks to high heaven and is messy as heck, but seriously awesome. It completely stopped my breakage after 1 use, and really has made a huge difference in restoring my hair. Check the MUA reviews on it. I also deep condition 1-2 times per week. My hair has never looked so healthy!

    If you have breakage, then protein is what you need, so definitely go for a protein treatment. Too much protein can make your hair brittle (which is why I only do the treatments every 4-6 weeks). You probably also need moisture, so I'd invest in a good deep conditioner as well.