Very cute H story!

  1. Yesterday I went to NM to visit my favorite SA (Lisa) with Tallulah. As I was paying for my new bag and a lovely H sash, two lovely women (probably in their 60's) came up to the counter. They walked up in a great mood and asked Lisa if they could see a Birkin. Well, Lisa politely said, "I'm sorry, we don't have any Birkins."

    LISA: Oh I'm so sorry we don't have any Birkins. We are lucky if we get one in a year. The wait list can be up to 2 years long.

    LADIES: WOW, yep we saw this magazine and they always say so and so actress with a Birkin! So we had to come and see what this hype was about and how this bag can cost $2000 - $3000!!! We've never seen a $2000 bag!!

    (Lisa and I share a very discreet smile and glance)

    LISA: Oh they actually cost much more than that. More in the $7000 range.

    LADIES: Oh my LORD!!! (both ladies share a funny laugh and we all share a smile) What on earth makes them that much money?!?

    ANOTHER CUSTOMER: They are LOVELY, just amazing. Hopefully one day I will own one :smile:

    (during this time I'm peeling my son Archer 4 1/2 yrs old out of the YSL area)

    LISA: They are just amazing bag, truly a work of art.

    LADIES: Yeah, we keep seeing these actresses in magazines and they talk about how special they know they are made in HER-MES France :smile:

    (at this time I just can't help but smile...they truly were such sweet ladies)

    ME: They are actually made by hand----all hand stitched, only the finest of leathers, and only a certain number are made a year in Paris--I believe (didn't want to come off as a snooty patooty). All Hermes are made by hand by highly skilled craftsman.

    LADIES: Well they better be for that money!! Well, thank you. :yes:

    we all shared a sweet chuckle and they were off.
    As they were lady leans over to me and quietly says, "Wow, I'll just stick to my Wal-Mart special--thank you for your information!"


    I thought this was such a cute H story. They were just lovely women, who wanted to see what the 'hype' is all about.
  2. OMG! I can just see this playing out, especially with Lisa! She is just too cute! I love that story!!!
  3. Great story! Thanks for sharing. :tup:
  4. Awwww, I liked this story, emanu! How neat and the ladies sound so nice:idea:
  5. Truly understanding H culture is like being part of a secret society...

    Great story... I wish I was there!
  6. lol
  7. Love the story!!
  8. Great Story!! Thanks for sharing.
  9. Yes.....we should have a secret handshake :graucho:

  10. Very cute story Emanu...wish I were there to hear it!
  11. This is so cute, emanu1016! :biggrin:
  12. That is a cute story! I especially liked how you and the SA were so kind to the ladies.:heart:
  13. Lovely story, and Lisa explained Hermes and the Birkin myth perfectly without coming off as "snooty patooty"...and in addition, you did it with class.

  14. aaaw how cute! those ladies sound precious.
  15. Great story! Say, which bag did you purchase??