Very cute feature!

  1. Is it just me? I noticed that right by the webaddress slot of the page (address bar I think) I'm viewing (where it says http://forum.purseblog....) there is an image of the words PF and as the page is loading it's rolling over and over again like how you'd see stuff on a slot machine. Same with the tabs in Firefox when I open other threads of TPF. I thought it was cute!
  2. i see it too it is really cute!!:balloon: i never would've noticed it tho if you hadn't mentioned it :shrugs:
  3. Yeap, it's a fun little feature. :yes:
  4. Great favicon Vlad!! :yes:
  5. Now that you mentioned it...
  6. i dont see it.. where?
  7. I don't see it either... :confused1:
  8. ^ me neither =(I use IE if that makes a difference
  9. ^^ uh dont know where is that
  10. Is that the one where the address is? Mine just says PF right away, i think this is because i have a fast connection and the page loads right away, i dont have to wait for it to load
  11. I didn't see it when I was on IE, but I also have Firefox. When I pulled that up, THERE IT IS!!

    VERY CUTE VLAD~!!!!!:yes: