Very cute DH story

  1. The other day I was in the Coach store with my 5 year old Son. The SA gave him a Coach sticker that he very proudly wore on his shirt out of the store. When we got home, to be funny, my DH took the sticker and put it on the headboard of my bed. He said that he thought I would sleep better in a Coach Bed!

    Now he is trying to convince me that I should go buy a new purse because he wants to buy a new GPS fish finder. Sorry DH, the fish finder is $650. For that, I'm going to buy 2 purses!
    Coach bed.JPG
  2. So did you sleep better?? That is cute!!
  3. That's funny!
  4. That is soooo sweet. Ha, I think it's nice you two have a trading system for your bags and his toys.
  5. Imagine if Coach made REAL BEDS and bedding????!!!!!! We could sleep in chocolate signature sheets ALL NIGHT LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HMMMMMMMMM...............
  6. Your story was one of the few things to make me smile today :smile: Thank you :smile:

    To second mommyville, I'd adore some bedding for reals...I mean Coach already makes wearables, why not get into the bedding sector!?
  7. Haha.. that is too cute!
  8. That is pretty funny and cute! A Coach bed.....oh what trouble we would all be in if they did housewares...
  9. Cute story! My DH is begging for a fish finder for christmas :lol:
  10. Hahaha.... cute story :smile:
  11. Very sweet story!!!:yes:
  12. haha love it!!
  13. haha how cute... you deserve those 2 purses or 1 extremely nice one =]
  14. That is too cute! A Coach bed lol - my DH would think I was NUTS if I bought Coach sheets and whatnot- maybe a good thing they are not into housewares? :roflmfao:
  15. Not really. We have a system were each of us has $100 a week that goes to our private accounts just for play money. This doesn't include lunches or gas money or anything else. Just play money. For some reason I'm always able to stay under budget with my account, but DH can't seem to. He is always buying something on credit and then having to pay the credit card out of his private account. Oh well, I guess he just needs to buy less expensive toys.